What’s The Best Way to Make Money as a Nigerian Student (Not Online Fraud)?

The opportunity to earn money online and offline, offering solutions and working jobs that pay daily while a student is enormous given the growing number of problems in Nigeria.

However, a lot of students lack the knowledge necessary to locate lucrative employment prospects on their own. This article will assist college students and recently graduated professionals in beginning a career they enjoy while they are still young.

Secondary and university students in Nigeria can make a lot of money online, but you need to take your time and do some preparation and study before getting started.

This instruction manual will assist Nigerian students in learning:

  • Jobs for students in Nigeria working part-time.
  • Nigerian student jobs online that pay daily.
  • Nigerian jobs for 16-year-olds.
  • Online writing positions for students in Nigeria.
The Best Way to Make Money as a Nigerian Student

The top ways to gain money as a student in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. Start a freelance writing career

One of the most well-liked ways for students to earn money online is through freelance writing.

Anywhere in the globe can perform this type of job, and there are numerous sites that let authors upload their work for free or for a price.

Success as a freelance writer depends on having a fundamental understanding of the requirements of the position.

To communicate with customers and editors, you’ll also require a laptop and a strong network connection.

2.   Commence tutoring

Tutoring is one of the most well-liked ways to earn money in Nigeria while still in school.

You can advertise your services on campus or online. Many students need assistance and are willing to pay for it.

By locating a teaching space in your university, college, or school, you can launch a small business.

These halls are commonplace at schools, where you can promote your business.

In order to fully understand their curriculum, you should concentrate your tutoring services on pupils from your own department or faculty.

Make sure you establish a payment schedule with your consumers since tutoring services are sometimes billed on a monthly basis.

3. Support Registration

In Nigeria, there are several opportunities for students to generate money, including by helping new students register and collecting a fee.

Some students may find the registration procedure challenging, so you can assist them by charging a charge.

Students who have access to the internet can make money on this project.

When prospective or new students are on campus and the virtual assistant can help them remotely, it pays dividends.

4. Market airtime and data

A student can generate money online in a variety of ways. Selling airtime and data is one option.

The student will need some data and an active phone line to achieve this.

After that, the student can sell the airtime and data to anyone who require it.

All you need is an internet-connected device, making this a really simple way to earn money.

5. Become a Supplier of Eggs

Nigerian students are renowned for their love of eggs.

In fact, it’s been determined that kids typically eat many eggs each day.

This makes companies like egg suppliers an excellent method to launch a business because they need little startup money and have eager customers.

Due to the low barrier to entry, it is simple for individuals or organizations to launch this business and meet demand from peers or clients.

It’s also important to note that people will support you because they are aware that you are out to make money.

Last but not least, if your poultry business is successful, you may always grow into that line of industry as well!

6. Market clothing

The sale of clothing is one method that students might generate income.

Several methods exist for doing this:

Students could purchase apparel in large quantities to sell it for less.

You can accomplish this by speaking with suppliers or visiting the market yourself.

Nigerians have been sending and receiving payments for goods and services performed over WhatsApp for a very long time.

In reality, there are a number of organizations with this as their entire focus.

Therefore, WhatsApp would be the way to go if you’re seeking for a customer base.

Another choice is using online retailers like RentNotBuy, which let customers rent apparel and other trendy accessories.

The offerings on these sites typically range widely, making it simple for students to pick something they’re interested in and register an account without any difficulty.

Making money online is quick and simple; all you need is a device with internet connectivity, such as a computer or phone.

Additionally, since the majority of these networks use listing formats, creating an advertisement is also remarkably simple.

7. Create A Channel On YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is the fastest way to be paid in Nigeria.

Brand partnerships are possible, and you may make money by running advertisements on your films.

Your material will be viewed by viewers, allowing you to collaborate with brands as an influencer and make sales.

You only need to be enthusiastic about what you do; you don’t need to be an expert in a certain sector.

8. Email Advertising 

Email marketing is only one of the many ways to earn money online.

In many nations, but particularly in Nigeria, email marketing is a well-liked method of earning money online.

By concentrating on the audience on your list, you can create valuable and pertinent content for your email marketing campaign.

Anyone who is competent in using email marketing has a choice. Making money online with affiliate offers is possible.

Beginners can use email marketing if they have the necessary abilities and information.

9. Promote on Konga

There are several opportunities for Nigerian students to make money online.

Selling goods on Konga is a wonderful choice.

Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Selling hot products that are currently in demand will earn you money on Konga.
  • If you have a product in mind and a partner who is game to join you, you can launch your own website or host Konga on your own.
  • Konga is a well-known and secure website for selling goods; it has a user-friendly interface and handles all the logistics for you.
  • Additionally, they have a 3 percent commission fee that can be paid after the product is sold, removing the requirement for startup money.
10. Sell on Jumia

The most widely used online shopping site in Nigeria is Jumia.

Without having to spend money on a physical location, you may start a business and sell goods on Jumia from your home.

It’s simple to create an account and begin selling, and there are no listing or subscription costs.

Additionally, you can access a big buyer base throughout Nigeria.

11. Writing copy

For the web, copywriting entails creating persuasive material.

This may take the form of articles, blog postings, or even updates on social media.

Many websites constantly hire teams with the objective of growing their user bases by providing high-quality content.

Because there is a high demand for this skill set, authority websites need new content and pay highly for it.

Freelance copywriting is a fantastic method to earn money online as a student in Nigeria if you enjoy writing.

Due to the demand for your skill set, you can easily find work on these platforms and earn a good wage.

12. Software Engineering

Nigeria has a high demand for programmers, and students can earn money by creating software and mobile applications or by selling them to businesses in the app shop, play store, etc.

Being able to code in any programming language you come across and interpret scripts written in both other languages and your own coding language are prerequisites for success in this industry.

Additionally, you can market your expertise on social media, which might result in fast cash.

Simple maintenance and upgrades are another option to earn money through software creation.

13. Sale Pictures

You may buy and sell beautiful, high-quality images online.

Students in Nigeria can earn money by selling the images they shoot and post on their blogs or stock photo websites.

It’s crucial to spend money on a high-quality camera and other equipment that will enable you to produce original images for websites if you want to earn a solid living from your photography.

Start blogging for your blog right away so you can start earning money from it!

14. Web Development 

Website design, layout, coding, and security are handled by web developers.

They might also work on developing web server-based applications.

You’ll need to be quite proficient in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if you want to work as a web developer.

Additionally, you ought to be knowledgeable about content management programs like Drupal and WordPress.

15. Virtual Helper

A virtual assistant is a person who works remotely to provide clients with expert services.

Virtual assistants support people and businesses with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Office work
  • Facebook management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Design for print

Around the world, virtual assistants are compensated online for their services. You could make several hundred dollars a month or more depending on your expertise and skills.

16. Graphic Design

The hobby of graphic design can be lucrative.

Create graphics for websites, eBook covers, t-shirts, flyers, and more to make money every day as a teenager in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, you might earn up to 100,000 per month just from your creative abilities.

Online passive income is a viable source of revenue for graphic artists.

Students can find employment on a number of job boards for graphic designers, and graphic designers also have a fantastic potential to do this with their own work.

By working remotely on contract tasks for businesses who choose to use freelance or remote workers instead of hiring them on-site, graphic designers have a fantastic opportunity to earn money.

Your laptop and a printer are all you need to launch this enterprise.

In order to get money online as a graphic designer, you can list your services on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.

17. Dropshipping

eCommerce business owners that use the dropshipping strategy can sell goods without keeping any inventory on hand.

The supplier is merely contacted after a consumer places an order, and the products are subsequently delivered right to the customer’s door.

You can expand your product offering by adding items from other vendors using dropshipping apps like Oberlo.

Because dropshipping needs relatively little start-up money and has no ongoing expenses like storage or shipping, it is one of the most well-liked business strategies for internet entrepreneurs.

With this business model, entrepreneurs may operate their companies from any location in the world as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection.

18. Forex trading

Currency exchange, or forex trading, is a way to make money for those who wish to do it safely and without taking on too much risk.

You need be aware of the following in order to succeed in forex trading:

  • You must locate a broker who has favorable spreads and low commissions.
  • Make sure your trading strategy is sound.
  • A risk management strategy must be in place as well.

You must first create an account with a broker in order to engage in Forex trading.

Since there are several brokers who provide Forex trading, it’s crucial that you evaluate each one’s qualities before choosing one.

19. Online Book Sales

You probably have a wealth of knowledge and experience that other students would find valuable.

Writing and selling eBooks online is a tried-and-true technique for Nigerian university students to gain money.

You can write eBooks under freelance writing and market them to other on-campus students.

It is simple to generate money while a student in Nigeria thanks to the Amazon Kindle store, which is a terrific site for publishing and selling books.

To sell your eBooks directly to clients, you can also register with Gumroad, Sellfy, or other sites of a similar nature.

20. Kindle Publishing by Amazon

The first Amazon Kindle reader and the self-publishing platform for e-books, Kindle Direct Publishing, were both introduced in November 2007.

For writers and publishers to freely publish their works directly to the Kindle Store, Amazon created Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Authors can charge between $0.99 and $200 for their works and upload documents in a variety of formats for delivery via the KDP website.

44 languages may be used to write these documents.

Amazon also offered a paperback option in 2016, utilizing print-on-demand technology to provide self-publishers access to both print and digital formats.

The opportunity to publish both e-books and paperbacks through the same platform has been promoted by Amazon to its authors.

One option to generate passive money is through Amazon Kindle Publishing.

A book is written, and then it is published on Amazon.

Once it’s been released, it starts earning you money without you having to do anything.

The only expense is the time it takes to write and publish your book, which is completely free on Amazon.

21. Blogging 

A fantastic approach for students in Nigeria to gain money online is through blogging.

Blogging on anything, from news to sports to animals, can help generate income. There are numerous other methods to make money online.

The plan is to create your blog, generate income from it, and then sit back and wait for the money to come in.

In addition to blogging, Google AdSense can be used as a revenue source.

All you need is a regular audience who will listen to and interact with your material.

Many people in Nigeria are interested in learning more about a variety of topics.

So taking advantage of this trend and possibly earning some extra money on the side by launching a blog is a terrific idea.


Students in Nigeria can find a variety of high-paying employment both online and offline.

They can start making extra money to assist pay for their education or other costs by locating the proper opportunity and putting their skills and talents to use.

Anyone can start making money with a little effort and devotion.

Start looking into these daily-paying jobs for students in Nigeria to start earning money right away.

Please feel free to bookmark this website for future use as we will be adding additional possibilities and ideas to it as time goes on. You can also impart your ideas to your pals who might be looking for ways to make money.

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