View whatsapp status anonymously

The whatsapp business app may manage this up to some extent but other whatsapp apk like Whatsapp 2020 can’t except you initiate some tricks.

Moreover, whatsapp permits some basic options such as choosing who views your profile; choosing who views your status and who can know when you are online. However features like hiding your presence on third parties account is not a selective option.

There is however an easy way to view someone’s Whatsapp status without them knowing so we will be showing you how to do that below.


Turn off Read Receipt

The read receipt on whatsapp is what indicates to you that your message has been sent and also that you have seen a message sent to you. This comes with a green color symbol. Turning off the read receipt makes your recipients not to know that you have seen a message sent to you. Also should in case this option is turned off, you will not be able to equally see when someone views your profile or received your message.

How to Turn Off Read Receipt

  • Open your whatsapp apk on your mobile phone and go to your settings.
  • Tap on Account with sub menus – Privacy, Security, Change number.
  • On the next page, tap on privacy.
  • You are now on the privacy settings box, now turn on the read receipt icon and wait to initiate.

You have set a command, the next thing that will happen are two things:

  • You will not be able to know when someone reads your chat vice versa.
  • Also you will not be able to know when someone else view your whatsapp status.

Hide Your Presence on File Manager.

Another way to manipulate this is to use your file manager. Now this one is very easy and cheap. If your phone has a file manager then you are good to go, otherwise, log on to Google playstore to download a third party file manager example Z Archiver.

Step One

Virtually everything that one does on his mobile phone are meant to reflect on file manager and can equally be controlled from there. As easy as that, you can manipulate how Whatsapp serve you using your file manager in-built app.

Step Two

Open your mobile phones file manager and go to whatsapp icon and tap open. Within the whatsapp folder you will see a subfolder which says whatsapp status, this option can be found on “Media folder”

Step three

Choose to hide files and wait to initiate, Once this is done, your status presence will be limited. Also someone may not be able to know when you viewed their status.

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