Top 10 MBA Scholarships and Jobs in Canada for International Students and Immigrants

Being awarded an MBA is a major accomplishment. Every business student desires and strives for the degree. The student who earns it has a plethora of opportunities available to them.

The degree “MBA,” which stands for “Masters of Business Administration,” is a surefire way for its holder to get hired quickly and advance in their corporate career.

In light of this, a lot of students who majored in business aspire to get an MBA to improve their resumes. Not at all unexpected. Furthermore, there is a demand for scholarships, particularly for students from underdeveloped nations or those who require financial assistance to attend school, as many individuals wish to pursue an MBA.

Fortunately, there are universities and colleges in Canada that offer scholarship options to MBA students, and we will take a close look at them in this post. Many universities throughout the world offer scholarships to students who aspire to attend their institution.

So, let’s check out Canada’s top ten MBA scholarships, shall we?


1. The Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management.

One of Canada’s top management institutions, Ted Rogers School of Management is situated in Toronto and accepts students who want to pursue an MBA. According to Bloomberg Business week, it was also listed as one of the top 25 international MBA programs.

The Ted Rogers School of Management has collaborated with Ted and Loretta Rogers and received a grant of up to $15 million for scholarships and awards because earning an MBA could be quite the financial commitment. These grants and scholarships are intended to assist students in paying for their MBA programs.

Scholarships and honors worth up to $20,000 each are given to up to 24 students. Academic excellence is required in order to be eligible for the Ted Rogers School Graduate Entrance Scholarship. Academic achievement and performance are taken into account while choosing students.

Local Canadian students enrolled full- or part-time may apply for the award. International students who are solely applying on a full-time basis are also welcome to apply. Visit to submit an application for their scholarships and awards.


2. University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Scholarships.

Scholarship Value Eligibility Deadline
Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships Two popular entrance awards granted to students enrolled in Morning & Evening MBA programmes:

Five Women in Business Excellence Awards of $10,000

Two Morning MBA Excellence Awards of $20,000

All students admitted to Rotman School of Management are automatically considered for Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships

Students though need to fulfill MBA programme admission requirement, which includes English language proficiency TOEFL/IELTS test scores, GMAT scores and interview

First Application Deadline for morning and evening MBA: November
Forté Foundation Scholarships $40,000 Candidates must showcase exemplary leadership ability

Demonstrate a commitment to women and girls via personal mentorship or community involvement.

MGA/MBA Awards $30,000 Offered to the top student in the MGA(Master of Global Affairs)/MBA Programme

One of the top management schools in the world, this institution is situated in Toronto, Canada. MBA hopefuls can apply to this management school, which is a division of the University of Toronto, to enroll in classes and pursue a degree in business administration.

A solid investment in one’s professional career is the Rotman MBA. Although the Rotman School of Management does not directly provide scholarships for its MBA program, there are a number of outside organizations that are ready to do so for international students.

Consider the international scholarship programs offered by the Canadian government. For international MBA applicants, the government program offers a variety of scholarships. To view a comprehensive list of government scholarships, go to


3. MBA Scholarships in Alberta.

Scholarship Description Value Eligibility Deadline
AIMCo MBA Award Offered annually to full-time MBA students specializing in finance. $10,000 a) High academic achievements

b) Excellence outside the classroom is also considered

c) GMAT Score

Claude Winspear MBA Award Open to students with leadership skills and academic credentials and who are enrolled in a full-time MBA program at Alberta University. $10,000
Michael Lang MBA Award Another popular MBA scholarship in Canada, it is awarded to full-time candidates.

Students in the University of Alberta School of Business’ MBA program had access to up to $1 million in funding in 2019. Scholarships are given out throughout the MBA programs. Entrance scholarships for students who successfully secure admission to the Alberta School of Business can be worth up to $15,000. See for further information.


4. MBA Entrance Scholarships at the Haskayne School of Business.

Scholarship Description Value Eligibility
Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships Helps needy international students in their path towards becoming future leaders by sponsoring their studies $5,750 per year or $11,500 for two years (assuming 10 half-courses per year and a minimum grade of B on all of their courses) Award is based on merit and takes into account GPA and GMAT scores

Offered to daytime and evening students.

All international daytime visa students are eligible


Academic session Deadline
Fall Admission
  • Early submission: January 15 (decision made by March 1)
  • Final deadline: June 1
Winter Admission November

For first-year students who successfully achieve admission, this University of Calgary business school offers scholarships. The Haskayne Student Experiences Fund, SU Travel and Conference Funding, and other similar programs are among the scholarship and reward programs available to students pursuing an MBA.

Visit for more information.


5. Scholarships at the Schulich School of Business.

Scholarship Value Eligibility Deadline
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit $33,000 Full-time students at Schulich are selected based on merit No separate application is necessary as full-time students are automatically considered for these MBA scholarships in Canada
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $24,200
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $24,200
Scotiabank Scholarships in International Business
The Schulich School of Business automatically considers all international students for all scholarships and awards. 
There are merit-based scholarships, financial need-based scholarships, and other types of scholarships. 
Go to for further information.

6. Ivey MBA Scholarships 

Scholarship Description Value Eligibility Deadline
Ivey MBA scholarships Largest merit scholarship funding in Canada Amounts ranging from $10,000 to half tuition Based purely on merit and leadership qualities

Selection parameters include exceptional professional experience, leadership skills, and academic excellence, in addition to strong GMAT scores.

Applications accepted multiple times a year, including in November and January
For those interested in the Ivey MBA program, numerous top-notch scholarships and student loans are available. 
The value of the scholarships might reach $1.8 million. 
For additional information on how to pay for your MBA studies at Ivey Business School, please 

7. Entrance Scholarship at the Sauder School of Business.

At the UBC Sauder School of Business, there are various scholarships and admission rewards. A division of the University of British Columbia is the Sauder School of Business. Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, International Talent Scholarships, and other programs are only a few of their scholarship offerings. You can look up scholarships at

8. Desautels School of Business.

A premier business school in Canada, Desautels School of Management is a component of McGill University. Go to to view their scholarship information.


9. Queens University’s Smith School of Business

You can see the scholarship information for this Queens University business school at The full name of the institution is Robert H. Smith School of Business.


10. MBA Scholarships at HEC Montreal.

You as an MBA student have access to hundreds of scholarships thanks to a relationship with the HEC Montreal Foundation. You can find scholarships at

Questions and Answers (FAQs) on MBA scholarships for international students in Canada

Is it possible to receive a 100% MBA scholarship in Canada?

For many MBA students, 100% scholarships are more of a myth than a reality. They are not well known, despite the fact that a few people are known to have obtained them. However, 100% scholarships for Indian students are a reality and do exist. It is true that these scholarships are infrequent and that getting one is challenging.

Can I receive a free MBA in Canada?

Answer: MBA courses are not tuition-free, despite the fact that several Canadian colleges, like Laval University, Concordia University, University of Calgary, Ryerson University, University of Waterloo, etc., offer a variety of moderately cost MBA courses.

Do I need a GMAT to get an MBA in Canada?

The GMAT is not a requirement for admission to the Master of Business Administration program in Canada. Only those with extra credentials that go above and beyond what is needed for the GMAT and demonstrate exceptional academic and professional achievement are eligible for this option.

Which MBA program is most sought-after in Canada?

In the country, consulting and banking are the most sought-after industries for MBA graduates, but technology is catching up.

Is IELTS necessary for an MBA in Canada?

In order to pursue an MBA in Canada, you must prove your proficiency in a number of English-based exams, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT. Admission to an MBA school in Canada requires a 3 to 3.5 GPA as a minimum.

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