Scholarships from Transform Together for International and EU (non-UK) Students

Sheffield Hallam University


Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree

Deadline/Due Date: May 31/November 1, 2022 (annual)
In Sheffield, United Kingdom
Sept. 2022 or Jan. 2023 for the start of the course



Brief explanation:

International students and students from the European Union (non-UK) may apply for Transform Together scholarships if they plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate or graduate taught program at Sheffield Hallam University during the 2022–2023 academic year.

Institution/Organisation(s) hosting:

The UK’s Sheffield Hallam University

The area(s) of study

All full-time undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses offered at the University.

Total number of awards:

Not defined

Target audience:

International and non-UK students from the European Union

Scholarship worth and components:

For the first year of study, undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses are eligible for a 50% cost waiver.


If you want to be considered for one of these scholarships, you must:

• Be a foreign student who pays tuition.

• Postgraduate only; must have an honors degree with a minimum GPA of 2.1 or equivalent and satisfy the course’s English and academic entry requirements.

• For undergraduate courses only, you must have met or exceeded the course’s English and academic entry criteria.

• Obtained your student identification number after submitting an application for a full-time taught undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

• Be able to fully support your own education. This indicates that you are not receiving financial support for your education from a government, scholarship provider, business, or employer.

• Own the funds to cover any additional costs your course may entail, such as field trips

Visit the official website to read the complete eligibility requirements.

Application guidelines:

You must have submitted an application for a full-time taught programme at Sheffield Hallam University for the applicable year in order to be considered for a Transform Together Scholarship. Please look for a course and apply if you haven’t done so before. After registering for a course and receiving a student identification number, you must apply for a scholarship online by the deadlines of May 31, 2022, for enrollment in September 2022, or November 1, 2022, for entry in January 2023.

For access to the application form and complete instructions on how to apply, it is crucial to go to the official website (link provided below).

Official Scholarship Website:

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