Motorcycles  are two wheeled vehicles that are still crazily in fashion. A motorcycle is also called a bike, cycle or motorbike. There are thousands of people who are passionate  about these beautiful inventions and thousand of them are made each year. There are many motorcycle mechanic schools to train those repair motorbikes.


For most riders of these two-wheeled beasts, its about passion and raw adrenaline . The high of a powerful bike is comparable to the high drugs give. To some, it is they time they feel free- they are  only  happy  when they ride. They are only liberated  when they ride. For many is beyond a pastime. The motorcycle culture is a way of life with it rhymes  and rhythms . The number and power of bikes on the road has not reduced .If this is a sport then, it is not a dying sport. And since a motorcycle  has so many complex  parts you will expect  that it will need a good repairman. And there are several motorcycle  mechanic schools thriving.

Why Do People  Still Ride Motorcycles

 You may wonder why thousands are still passionate about the motorcycle. The truth is that good motorcycle is not cheap. Heck it even more  expensive than some cars yet, it doesn’t  offer as many pleasures and protection . So what is the attraction?

I will give you some reason people are still madly in love with the motorcycle  and why this will continually be the case. The point outlined below may not make sense  to you but it does to thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts;

  1. The Adrenaline

Motorcyclist  pick up their bikes for different reasons  but one sure reason is the racing of the heart. The surge of adrenaline and feeling of adventure . The crazy high which comes with flirting with danger and death. Riding lights up their fires; it gives them a passion to pursue . For most motorcyclists the chasing of the horizon on a wide lonely  road is like chasing purpose. Many of them confess that they will ride till they die.

2. Speed

This is another reason why many ride. The speed levels permissible for motorcycles are above the average speed limits. This gives the sense of doing something illegal, legally. It gives cheap thrills and an excited racing heart. It gives a reason to stay on the bike long into your retirement years.

3. Comraderie

The sweet friendship that exist among  bikers is legendary . It’s a community that is both exclusive and warm. The biking community is a closely knitted one. On riding expeditions the bikers share everything in common . The bond is beyond friendship- it its brotherhood. Each looking out for the rest.

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools Near Me

There is this love affair between a biker and his bike. He tends it, caress it, care for it. But motorcycles being powerful and complex machines are bound to breakdown sometimes. When this happens the best one can hope for is to find a good motorcycle mechanic . If your bike is your family then this quest for the best motorcycle  repair hand becomes an obsession. And the best place to find a motorcycle mechanic is near you where you ca easily get the complaint fixed without need for arranging  transport  for your broken sweetheart.

The rising passion for the beast of speed means that motorcycle  mechanic schools are supposed  to spring up to cater for the upsurge and that’s is the case. There are a lot of motorcycles repair  training  programs , they offer diplomas or degrees.

Below are some schools to check out. But first lets discuss the requirements  for entering a motorcycle  mechanic school . 

Requirements To Get Into A Motorcycle  Mechanic School.

There a few things to fan out your passion as a motorcycle  repairer. These  entry requirements  vary but basically  these are the main things which are needed to get your feet through  the door. There are actually some states in which where you really  don’t  need a formal training  to repair motorbikes so you will have to check with your local regulatory authority . whatever  be the case, you are better off with a certification as this will provide you with the skills that you need to repair modern engines. The few requirements are as follows ;

  1. A diploma or GED or a minimum  GPA. This means you need o have some basic education so you can fit into the program and be able to understand certain  concepts.
  2. A motorcycle  driver’s license.

You can’t repair bikes without testing them and you need a motorcycle driver’s license to ride on the road.

Motorcycle  Repair Near Me

To know  the motorcycle  repair shops near you, look-up the local business  directory and speak up to local members of bikers forum. This is a very rich source  of information as other  bikers are always  ready to share  tips and maintenance guidelines.

Motorcycle Repair Shop

Motorcycle repair shops are often a place where the owners of motorcycles have to visit once in a while. No matter how careful you are or how meticulous your maintenance routine is, you will need to visit a repair shop. This is the workshop of those who have been trained to repair bikes. Some trainees open their shops while other joins already established businesses. Some big brand that are repaired is the great  Harley  Davison.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davison is both a powerful beast and a legend. Every motorcycle repairman who is worth his salt should know how to repair a Harley Davidson. These powerful motorbikes are the leaders of American roads even though major Japanese competitors are making inroads. This Wisconsin-based company was founded in about 1903 by Bill Harley. Top Harley Davidson models. The premier motorcycle  has churned out great bikes, here are the very best;

1.VRSCDX Night Rod Special

This is a beast of a machine that was debuted in 2007 and ruled the industry for a decade. The engine was developed in conjunction with Porsche and has a peak performance of about 125 horsepower.

 2. The  2012 FLHR Road king

This iconic engine redefined motorcycles and created a new paradigm. The 2012 model was still true to the tradition but it took the performance that Harley Davidson is known for, a notch higher. It topped all of that with modern features such as cruise control.

3. Sportystar

This is by far one of Harley Davidson bikes with the best resale value.  It is classically a dream bike with just the right muscle and firepower to raise adrenaline. Its 1200cc engine can take you anywhere.

 Top 5 Motorcycle  Schools

These are schools that have proven their mettle and hold their own anywhere in the US. They have the vast curriculum needed to cater to the men of the modern machines. The coat of a bike is very high so you would want the best hands to effect any repairs. These schools train the best hands for the job.

1. Motorcycle  Mechanic Institute, Phoenix 

If you want the best school that trains motorcycle mechanics then you want the prestigious mechanic institute or MMI. Here the equipment is up-to-date and state-of-the-art. The students are taught with the very equipment that the specialist and manufacturers use to make the machines. Training is provided for the rapid of all top brands. Participants receive the best training on all aspects of motorcycle maintenance.

The motorcycle institute operates a multi-campus system and has 12 campuses spread over the entire United States. 

Duration; less than a year.

 What do you expect; instructors that are experts, theory, and practice. teachings  on ;

 Electrical diagnostics 


Engines troubleshooting 

vehicle maintenance 

2. Iowa Lakes Community  college

This college is renowned for technical education and they didn’t drop the ball with the motorcycle mechanic program. The university is outstanding enough to merit a second slot. So much care is given to training students in all variations of motorcycle engines. What’s more interesting is that the university is in partnership with the leading motorcycle manufacturers such as Suzuki and Harley Davison so a training in the institute is a certification to repair these motorcycles. Iowa lakes have by far the best lab in the motorcycle training programs.

Duration;2 years

What to expect; a 3 term program with 43 credits for a diploma 

3. Red Rock Community College

Thus school offers the motorcycle mechanic training under the power equipment and sports vehicle technology degree. You actually end up with 2 certifications. This training has been offered for over 50 years. With so much experience behind them, the faculty is an excellent match with the technology available to train expert motorcycle repairmen. Red rock provides an excellent foundation for a future in the motorcycle repair business. They also value discipline and other academic principles.

What to expect; a robust campus life with a motivated faculty.

Duration; 2 years.

Motorcycle Lessons 

 You can’t complete your training as a motorcycle repairman without knowing how to ride them. That is why training schools insist on prospective students obtaining a motorcycle driving license . This will permit them to test a repaired machine and infuse the students with the zeal and love that the community share.

Final thoughts 

The quality of your career will depend in part on the quality of the training you have received .This is where these schools come in. But that’s not enough, you will also need to take advantage of the excellent programs available at motorcycle mechanic schools.





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