1. Full-time, part-time Moe’s Team Member – $15 an Hour PLUS TIPS $500 Bonus


Visit Moe’s Southwest Grill and meet the GFC Family!

Gain hourly pay that is competitive, plus tips!

500 hours of labour result in a $500 incentive.

Hours Available in Both Part-Time and Full-Time

The goal is to serve high-quality food with prompt and courteous service.

Important Tasks and Responsibilities

– Delivering exceptional client service and hospitality.

-Taking orders from customers in a courteous and competent manner.

-Creating food to order and guaranteeing that it will be served hot and fresh.

-Clean up the parking lot, lobby, dining area, kitchen counters and service areas, and toilets.

-Meet or exceed the standards for speed of service.

-Observe all food safety and personal safety precautions.

-Restock and switch out supplies.

-On days when work is scheduled, be on time and prepared to go.

-Wear a neat and appropriate uniform.

-Operating the POS terminal or cash register, as well as other equipment, as assigned.

-Operate in compliance with the operational and performance criteria outlined in the employee handbook and OSM.

-Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the manager.

Ask your boss for more information if you’re interested in applying to drive catering orders for additional pay!

This is not an exhaustive list of duties; refer to the real job description for more information.

Moe’s Southwest Grille, operated by GFC Holdings, is an equal opportunity workplace. All competent candidates will be given consideration for employment without regard to their genetic information, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender. GFC is dedicated to provide people with disabilities equal opportunity and thoughtful accommodations in employment, its services, programs, and activities.

Restaurants, fast food, crew member, quick service restaurant, shift manager, line cook.


Communication is a core competency, requiring fluency in English and the ability to speak properly with team members and clients.

Math: Basic addition and subtraction skills.

Ability to function in a fast-paced environment through teamwork.

Physical Requirements:

Must be physically capable of lifting and carrying up to 40 lbs.

The capacity to maintain consistent and prompt attendance

Ability to safely and effectively carry out key job duties in accordance with corporate policies and procedures, including fulfilling productivity benchmarks for quality and/or quantity.

Required to stand, walk, talk, and hear frequently. It is frequently necessary to grasp or feel objects, move the hands and arms, and reach with the hands and arms.

Up to 8 hours a day must be spent standing and walking while maintaining balance in a workplace that may have sharp objects, damp or ice surfaces, and hazards in the kitchen that are at waist level, such as fryers and stove tops.

Must be able to spend up to 8 hours a day working in high-stress, high-temperature situations.

Having the capacity to walk, bend, reach above head, below waist, at waist level, and punch buttons repeatedly for up to 10 hours a day.

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2. Shift Manager / Team Member at KFC

The world is fed by KFC. But we provide more than just food for folks. We make their lives full. When we treat our customers with southern hospitality while serving our meals, we brighten their day. Therefore, our professions are about more than just earning money; they’re also about being independent, having fun, and meeting new people.

We have excellent positions available for those who are just starting their careers, seeking a flexible second job, or working past retirement. While still having time for your hobbies, working as a Team Member or Shift Manager allows you to hone your restaurant abilities.

Our training programs and career prospects will be advantageous to you, and you’ll be rewarded and recognized for your accomplishments. The good news is that you will learn everything you need to know during your training to excel on the job.

However, there are a few abilities you ought to possess right away:

Be sincere, active, and entertaining. Moreover, you should be sociable and able to communicate with others.

You always have a smile on your face and take great delight in your work.

Withstand stress well and like a challenge.

You have high expectations for both yourself and the individuals you work with, and you love to keep things light-hearted for both the group and the clients.

You want to learn from the top restaurant managers in the country how to run fantastic restaurants.

Our training programs and career prospects will be advantageous to you, and you’ll be rewarded and recognized for your accomplishments. It’s a relief to hear that your trainingWe take on 15 to 17 year old employees!

Managers of shifts must be at least 18 years old.

Benefits: We offer amazing benefits to our employees, such as the following:

-Affordable hourly rates.

-For shift managers, two weeks of paid vacation (to start!).

Flexible hours; no super early mornings or late evenings.

KFC Employee Assistance Program offers employees discounted meals while on work.

With the straightforward goal of giving employees going through serious adversity hope, support, and relief, KBP Cares, a 501c3, was established in 2015. Any KBP employee who has been determined to have experienced a qualifying occurrence is eligible for a financial grant from KBP Cares, regardless of whether they donate.

In addition to KBP Cares, KBP works closely with neighborhood charities to improve the areas where we operate, where our employees live, and where they work through volunteerism, twice-yearly fundraising, and many other activities in order to have a meaningful, positive impact.

Employees of KBP are also qualified to take part in KFC Foundation activities since KBP is a KFC franchisee. The KFC Foundation is an independent nonprofit that offers educational, hardship-relief, and personal finance initiatives to KFC restaurant staff members in the United States.

-Reach Program: Aids KFC restaurant staff members in pursuing their academic aspirations.
Through a rigorous online preparation and testing regimen, the Rise Program assists KFC restaurant employees in obtaining their GED.
Rise Program: When faced with difficulty, a crisis, or a natural disaster, KFC restaurant staff can get financial assistance through the KFC Family Fund.
-MyChange: Provides employees at KFC restaurants with a $5,000 emergency fund, a saving habit, and increased financial literacy.
-Giving KFC restaurant staff a once-in-a-lifetime chance to nominate a team member for a life-altering experience is Kentucky Fried Wishes.

This job listing is for a position in a KBP-owned restaurant that is independently run. One of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in North America as well as one of the 10 Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chains is KBP! KBP operates in a fast-paced setting with a lot of energy, passion, and quality. Currently, KBP runs approximately 800 YUM! Brand restaurants in 28 different states around the country.

When it comes to building and maintaining an environment that appreciates and balances our duty to and impact on our customers, people, and communities, KBP is focused and intentional. Due diligence in the selection process, a healthy capital structure, and top-tier operational talent all contributed to KBP’s success in acquiring businesses.

Providing our employees with numerous opportunity to advance their lives on all fronts—personally, professionally, and financially.

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