How to download truecaller app and setup

Truecaller App Download – Discover the real identity of your caller. Find quick result from multiple sources. Trurcaller is powerful and easy to use. When you download app, you can explore the best features now. More so find related results, block unknown callers and reveal unknown message sources.

Right here, you will learn how to download truecaller apk for mobile phones and pc. Also learn how to sign up truecaller and launch to start using. Meanwhile if you are using truecaller old version, rush now to download truecaller latest version or update to enjoy new features.

When thinking of an app that call reveal unknown callers, truecaller is the only app to trust, when also in need to block angry caller, trust trueceller app for that. So get set as we are about to show you how to download the latest version of truecaller apk for free.

Features of Truecaller App

Read the underlined benefits of and get ready to download app for your device.

  1. trust truecaller app for all your communication needs, whether it’s for caller identification or for spam calls blocking and SMS.
  2. You can use truecaller apk to filter out the unwanted callers.
  3. Free chat now with your family and friends on truecaller
  4. Quickly identify every unknown sms.
  5. Discover the email account of your unknown caller.
  6. Do you have spam calls, automatically block telemarketing and spa calls
  7. Check names of unknown callers in the call history
  8. Trucaller is the world best caller identifier.
  9. Join above 300 million people on truecaller.
  10. Bug fix and no adverts

Premium Features

Here are the paid features of truecaller, to enjoy any of these features listed below, you will have to make some payments.

  • View the profile of your unknown caller without the person knowing.
  • You can record calls when on progress.
  • More than 20 contacts request a month
  • Know who viewed your profile
  • High priority support and lots more others.

Truecaller App Download | How to Download Truecaller app

  • Here is how to download and install truecaller on your mobile phone.
  • Go to Google playstore.
  • Inside the website or on the app search for truecaller apk.
  • Tap on download and then install app for free.

How to Sign up Truecaller

It easy to download truecaller app and its more easier to launch it into your device. Here is how to register it.

  • Go to your truecaller apk which is now on your download folder
  • Tap to open and afterward, agree o the app terms of use.
  • Enter your mobile phone, email and your country.
  • Verify your mobile phone.
  • Enter the name of your choice as your call id.
  • Allow app to gain access to your contacts
  • Also allow app to gain access to your messages
  • Tap on next to open your app.
  • Here is your account.

Truecaller Online

Enjoy truecaller features online. Without having the app, yo can enjoy all the feature of truecaller using the truecllaer online web, how does it work:

  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • Enter the mobile phone number you will like to identity.
  • Tap or click on search and wait for result
  • Here is your result.

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