How Do I Make Money in Nigeria?

Are you a graduate or a young adult in urgent need of legal ways to earn money in Nigeria both offline and online?

Do you require a list of successful online business ideas, services, and abilities to launch with little or no startup money?

If the answer is yes, this article is all you need to read right now.

With a population of over 200 million and over 300 native languages, Nigeria is a remarkable nation and a well-liked tourism destination in Africa.

But despite all this beauty, there is one problem: POVERTY.

Nigeria is one of the poorest nations in the world, hence many Nigerians desire to generate lawful income online and offline since doing so will improve their quality of life.

Due to the fact that Nigeria is one of the world’s poorest nations, many Nigerians are seeking respectable online and offline employment because having more daily, weekly, and monthly income will enable us to meet our requirements as well as those of our loved ones.

There are numerous ways to establish a business from home in Nigeria without making an investment.

This article lists the talents and enterprises that Nigerian students, graduates, NYSC volunteers, and stay-at-home parents can learn and start both online and offline.

I’d like to suggest that you get a cup of coffee or tea before we begin the main part of this post.

If you’re serious about making money in Nigeria this year, you’ll read all the way through this somewhat lengthy piece.

Ways of Making Money In Nigeria

The effective strategies to make money in Nigeria are as follows:

1. Launch a website or blog in a niche

One of the top online occupations for Nigerians is blogging.

The act of starting a blog with the intention of using it to promote to a certain group of individuals is known as niche blogging.

Niche blogs can target specific demographics, industries, ages, ethnicities, or any other type of group of individuals.

A niche blogger is a blogger that specializes in blogging on a particular subject, such as weight loss following pregnancy.

The blogger will write extensively about this subject to the point where he or she establishes themselves as experts in the field.

Here, you are concentrating on a single subject until your viewers are familiar with that subject.

Nigerian blogging niches that are lucrative include:

  • Sexual Health/Fertility
  • Shea Butter
  • Skincare
  • Sports Betting
  • Sugar Mummy
  • Table Manners
  • Tech Tutorials and Gadgets
  • Travel Abroad
  • Agriculture
  • Business Startups
  • Cheap Flight Tickets
  • Cheap Hotels
  • Cheap Laptops
  • Cooking
  • Event Planning
  • Fashion
  • Football
  • Healthy Eating
  • Job Search
  • Kids Security Tips
  • Latest Phones
  • Mini importation
  • Natural and Herbal Remedies
  • Scholarships and Schools etc

Simply visit BlueHost to purchase a domain and web hosting for a low cost (about $2.95 per month).

You may blog your way to an internet income in Nigeria with perseverance and persistence.

When your site starts receiving visitors, you may make money off it via affiliate marketing, information marketing, Google AdSense, native advertising, and other ad networks.

2. Execute Facebook Ads that Convert for Individuals and Businesses

If you understand how to operate in this industry, it’s profitable.

Nowadays, a lot of businesses use Facebook’s benefits to sell their goods, services, and products, and some of them require online marketers.

By running Facebook advertisements and receiving payment, you may learn how to promote businesses and help them reach their intended audience.

3. Merchandise Facebook Pages

If you know the fundamental methods for expanding a Facebook page to have thousands of followers and likes, you can establish a consistent cash flow by creating and selling the pages for thousands of naira. Bloggers and top corporations need active Facebook pages and groups to grow their audience fan base.

4. Execute Google AdWords Conversion for Individuals and Businesses

This specific internet business concept is designed for those who have specialist knowledge of blogging, Google AdWords, and SEO.

By running advertisements as payment for the assistance provided, you will assist others in promoting their company names, goods, and services on Google.

5. Develop Your SEO Skills

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase both the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to a website or web page.

SEO focuses on organic traffic as opposed to bought or direct traffic.

For analytical people looking for work, this is an excellent position.

You can earn $75 per hour or more if you’re a little astute and analytical.

6. Turn into a freelancer

One of the finest ways to earn money online in Nigeria is through freelancing.

For Nigerians with extraordinary skills in writing blogs and articles, designing websites, creating graphics, editing, and proofreading, this is an excellent online business concept.

Freelancing does not have an age restriction, unlike other physically demanding employment.

It entails working with individuals (sometimes referred to as clients) to complete a given task (or jobs) within a predetermined time frame in exchange for payment.

You may work anywhere as a freelancer as long as there is electricity to power your devices. All you need is a decent laptop and a personal internet connection.

Freelance writing job boards include sites like Fiverr, People Per Hour, iFreelance, Upwork, and others.

You are paid in dollars as a Nigerian, and you can increase your earnings by converting these dollars on the underground market.

7. Create and market eBooks online

This is one of the tried-and-true methods of earning money online in Nigeria.

If you have a computer, access to the internet, and a few clicks, you may work from home in Nigeria as a writer and earn money online.

You can start authoring eBooks without even having author certification to publish a book.

All you need to do is write your greatest fiction or nonfiction books, ideas, tales, or projects, convert them to PDF, audio, or video, and then list them for sale on eCommerce sites.

You can publish and sell your digital products and earn money using your smartphone with the help of the Amazon Kindle store, Gumroad, Okadabooks, Expertnaire, Udemy,, etc.

After receiving a copy of your book, these websites will promote it and pay you anytime a sale is made.

8. Review Books to Earn Money

Reading and reviewing books online is one of the best ways to generate money online in Nigeria without needing any initial commitment.

There are many websites, blogs, and forums created for these uses.

Do well to look for trustworthy ones online to sign up with and begin making money.

9. Internet Marketing

One of the most hip ways to make money online in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing.

Being paid to advertise and sell others’ goods without really having to deal with the mechanics of order processing and delivery is one of the few things that may be more gratifying.

Affiliate marketing could be defined as assisting companies in marketing and selling their goods or services in exchange for a set commission.

If you have a sizable following on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, a personal blog, or a well-liked Facebook group, you can start making money by using any affiliate network to sell goods on these platforms.

Simply sign up for a reputable affiliate network, browse the offers and merchant listings, obtain your affiliate link, and share it with your followers, clients, friends, and family to start earning money as an associate.

You receive payment and a commission each time a customer uses your affiliate link to make a purchase.

10. CPA Marketing 

Another fun way to make money online is through CPA marketing.

Cost per action is referred to as CPA.

CPA marketing does not compel you to sell a product before you earn, in contrast to affiliate marketing, which does so (you generate sales before you receive).

In this particular form of affiliate marketing, you can make money even if you don’t close any deals or sell any goods.

Yes, you did hear me correctly! You can make money even if you don’t make a contract or sell something.

Per-Action Cost You receive a commission from businesses using the affiliate marketing model of marketing when your users, clients, or referrals carry out or take a particular action that was inspired by your marketing.

These might be the following:

  • Completing a registration form
  • Obtaining a file
  • Submitting CC information
  • Entering your email address
  • Taking a poll
    This means that when you perform some of the aforementioned steps, you have produced a lead, and the lead conversion results in money.

You’ll generate more leads and make more money if you can obtain more actions.

11. Online virtual tutoring

This is a viable internet business concept and among the simplest businesses to launch and sustain in Nigeria.

The education sector is evolving as a result of people’s increased busyness and distaste for traditional classroom settings.

They prefer to enroll in online courses because they are convenient and flexible.

You only need to turn your academic expertise into a profitable venture by online teaching students from all over the world.

This is a worthwhile business to take into consideration if you enjoy teaching and have a talent for passing on knowledge to others.

There are a ton of people who will pay you for your services.

During your leisure time, you can record your classes and upload them to an appropriate website, such YouTube or Zoom.

You can send an email message to your followers notifying them every time you publish a new post.

A URL to the uploaded video should be included in the message to the user.

The classes will subsequently be watched by your followers at their convenience.

12. Set up paid tutorial sessions for students in Nigeria

If you excel in any subject, you can launch a tutoring service that helps students who are having academic difficulty.

You’ll need a nice location (a teaching hall) and students—usually jambites and first-year students—who may not be academic standouts—to launch this business.

Additionally, you might answer old test questions and offer them to students who are constantly looking to purchase high-quality resources.

You have the option of charging your pupils daily, weekly, or monthly as a tutor.

13. Work as a tutor at home

For pupils in elementary and high schools, you can provide private lessons.

The majority of Nigerian parents place a high value on education and are always willing to pay a top educator who could effectively coach their children on interests they share at home.

Ordinarily, private lessons are invoiced hourly, weekly, and monthly.

Just put in the effort.

All you have to do is come up with a schedule that will work for both you and your client.

A video of you instructing pupils on various subjects can also be made and sold.

14. Instruct Foreign Languages

The globe is merging into one big community.

Most individuals are attempting to pick up new languages in order to communicate more easily with people throughout the world.

Some people wish to improve their language skills in order to better their employment prospects.

Some people wish to learn other languages because they are moving abroad for higher study, while others do it for trade.

Whatever the reason, if you are proficient in foreign languages like English, French, Swahili, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, among others, you can make money by teaching language classes both online and in person.

This business is one of the most dependable and successful since there will always be people willing to spend top dollar to learn a foreign language.

To get in touch with prospective customers wishing to learn a foreign language, you can leverage already-existing online learning platforms like

15. Acquire writing skills

To increase their user base, authoritative websites are constantly looking for new sales and marketing material.

Many websites, companies, and people will need your services and pay you handsomely to conduct research for them and write sales copy that converts if you learn and develop your writing skills.

16. Train as a web developer or designer

Both in Nigeria and elsewhere, this market is prosperous.

You can develop websites or blogs and earn money by selling your services.

You can approach organizations like groups, businesses, schools, and churches and offer your services to them.

17. Train to be a software developer.

Programming entails the documentation, testing, and deployment of pertinent programs to produce the best software possible.

Many Nigerians are currently earning thousands of dollars online by creating and selling software and applications during the current technological boom.

In order to create new computer programs that attempt to address issues plaguing people, you should be knowledgeable in a programming language.

So, if you have excellent coding skills, get on the trend right now and earn from it.

You will sell the software and make a sizable profit once you find a buyer.

18. Start a Photography Business [Capture and Market Images]

Nigerians, especially the women, adore taking photos.

The need for passport and studio photos is nearly always present.

The photography industry is incredibly lucrative, and it only requires a few small materials to get started.

The following are the main prerequisites to starting a photographic business in Nigeria:

  • A decent camera on a high-end smartphone or a camera.
  • Using a laptop or computer to edit your photos.
  • Talents in photo editing.
  • Printing photos.
  • A compact lodging establishment will ensure your accessibility and popularity.
    You could even sell brilliantly taken random photos of locations and events online for a specific fee if your photography skills are great.

Platforms like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and others accept and pay for high-quality photographs of lovely locations.

19 Graphic design training

If you are proficient with graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, this is one of the finest ways to earn money in Nigeria.

This business can be started with only a laptop and a printer (optional), and it can grow over time.

There are many employment boards for graphic designers where people post gigs for designers to outsource.

As a graphic designer, you might get work creating banner/flyer printing, posters, cartoon images, company logos, and business cards.

Additionally, you may set up an account on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour and advertise your graphic design services to potential customers there.

You may also take a look at a website like 99Designs, where you can enter design competitions and get paid if you win.

20. Work as an online assistant

Getting a job as a virtual assistant is another option to earn money online in Nigeria.

In order to save time and money, a lot of people and companies are trying to outsource “assistant-type” jobs like email replying, handling simple writing and organization, research, and more.

With this business opportunity, you’ll work remotely for large corporations and receive payment at the end of the day, week, or month.

21. Work as a voice actor

Voice-over work is growing in popularity, especially with the popularity of podcasts and online video.

You can make money voicing for pay online in Nigeria if you have a distinctive voice and a basic home setup for a microphone.

Voice-over opportunities for animation projects, teachers, commercials, narrations, video games, storytellers, etc. are frequently sought after on platforms like

You can pitch brands for jobs by searching for the well-known voice-over job sites online.

22. Start dropshipping

A fantastic method for earning money online is to start a dropshipping company.

A subset of eCommerce called dropshipping enables you to sell things online without maintaining a product inventory.

This implies that you can quickly set up an online store with product catalogues for eCommerce purposes and increase traffic to your website.

However, you should already be dealing with a supplier who has the products before setting up the website.

This is due to the fact that anytime a consumer places an order on your website, the supplier will be responsible for shipping the item to them.

Here’s how it functions:

When a consumer visits your online store and makes a purchase, they fill out the checkout form with their contact information so they may receive the merchandise.

When providing your supplier with this contact information, they will ship the product to your consumer after you have paid for it.

23. Become a YouTuber

Starting a YouTube channel and posting videos of the things you are greatest at is one of the quickest methods to generate money in Nigeria.

Simply establish a channel on a specific subject (a “niche”), produce engaging videos, and attract viewers to your channel to begin making money from YouTube videos.

You can start running adverts on your videos and earning money if your YouTube channel has a particular amount of followers.

Additionally, YouTubers can make money via brand sponsorships and affiliate commissions from the things they have evaluated and given their recommendation to others.

The popular Nigerian YouTube channels Mark Angel Comedy, Fisayo Fosudo, and Tayo are just a few examples.

If you think you can make videos as well as the owners of these channels can, I advise you to give it a shot. They make a fantastic amount of money each month from doing so.

If you’re a comedian, record skits and publish them to YouTube. If you’re an expert in mathematics, solve challenging equations live and upload them to your channel. Once your YouTube channel has gained some following, you can apply for monetization and start earning money on a monthly basis.

Finally, making high-quality videos that viewers will enjoy watching takes practice, so YouTube is not a get rich quick plan.

24. Become an interpreter

If you speak more than one language, you might simply work as a translation online and make money.

In Nigeria, there are numerous global corporations looking for both native and foreign speakers.

Apply for jobs by searching for them on Google.

It’s likely that after a few trials, you’ll get your first job.

25. Start a podcast

Interested consumers can download podcasts to their personal devices for convenient listening. A podcast is an episodic collection of spoken-word digital audio files that have been recorded and posted online.

A easy and integrated solution to manage a personal consumption queue across numerous podcast sources and playback devices is provided by streaming applications and podcasting services.

You might choose to write reviews of, say, the most recent phones and accessories and publish them online for customers to download.

As your fan base expands, you might start charging your loyal viewers for a token before granting them access to the file.

26. Domain name and website flipping

The technique of buying a domain name as inexpensively as you can, holding onto it for as long as you can, and then selling it to a buyer for more money than you paid for it is known as domain flipping.

27. Sell on e-commerce websites 

If you’re a Nigerian who needs to conduct legal business online, you can sell your tangible goods on e-commerce platforms like:

  • Jumia
  • Konga
    These websites are well-known, secure, and reliable, and it is nearly certain that you will find customers for the goods you are offering.

Simply register on these websites, upload your products, add price tags, and you may start selling your goods.

On the website, you can market goods on behalf of other businesses and get paid after each sale is a success.

You are assessed a percentage fee, which you don’t pay until the goods has sold.

28. Exchange Crypto/digital currency

The online Ponzi and criminal scams that have defrauded and cheated a lot of individuals out of their money are not like cryptocurrency.

In this kind of trading, coins are bought and sold, cryptocurrency is exchanged for fiat cash, and vice versa.

It resembles some aspects of the foreign exchange market (forex), where fiat currencies from all over the world are traded continuously.

Nigerians are using bitcoin to weather Naira value dips and secure their wealth by utilizing the strength of a global economy because the country experiences high inflation.

So, if you know the basics, you may start trading cryptocurrencies online and earn some serious income.

29. Learn tailoring

You can earn a lot of money in Nigeria as a tailor because many Nigerians favor appropriate attire because to its eye-catching, attractive, and culturally diverse designs.

The average cost of sewing instruction ranges from N50,000 to N500,000.

Due to the fact that sewing has three levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), the cost may vary significantly depending on the level.

If you didn’t know, a man’s suit and a woman’s gown cost over ten thousand yen to make.

Nigerian tailors often make between 61,200 Naira (the lowest) to 1 million Naira (or more) each year.

Consider becoming a tailor if you have wild design abilities.

You’ll be able to earn a lot of money from this business once you’ve learned everything there is to know and are perfect at it.

30. Launch a business selling recharge cards or data.

It is concerning how quickly the data bundle is being used up each day in Nigeria.

Every month, the average Nigerian spends N2,000 on data.

In Nigeria, you can launch a data bundle resale business to become financially independent.

The practice of purchasing data from telecommunications companies (often in bulk) and then reselling it to clients at a little higher price in order to make a profit.

Selling recharge vouchers to customers who need to recharge their phones with a specific amount of money is how the recharge card business operates, as you are probably aware.

The inability of mobile phone users to function without airtime on their device is a fact.

Outside of food, rechargeable cards are undoubtedly the item that sells the fastest.

If individuals have to go a fair distance to purchase recharge cards where you reside, you can make money by purchasing in bulk and reselling to them.

You may even start a business printing recharge cards and sell them to stores elsewhere to earn more money.

31. Start a photocopy and printing company.

Due to its high demand in numerous Nigerian academic schools, photocopying and printing are the most common businesses you will see most individuals engaging in nowadays, especially on campuses.

Additionally, it is quite simple to get started with and allows you the freedom to set your own working hours.

Affordably priced generators, white papers (A4 size), and any of the inexpensive desk jet printers with easily refillable ink cartridges can be used to launch this business.

You don’t need to open a shop right away if you want to start a business while you’re still in school.

On campus, you are free to squat anywhere there is a lot of traffic and work.

The firm can alternatively be run by someone you train and hire, and you both can split the profits in accordance with the arrangement you established when you first formed the partnership.

32. Do Online Registration?

You can help students with online registrations (scholarship applications, school fee payments, admission, course registration, NYSC registration, Post UTME/JAMB/WAEC/NECO registration) and charge a token for the assistance if you have a laptop with internet connectivity.

This can be highly profitable, especially early in the semester when there are many incoming freshmen and students in their last year.

You don’t need to open a shop right away if you want to start a business while you’re still in school.

On campus, you are free to squat anywhere there is a lot of traffic and work.

The firm can alternatively be run by someone you train and hire, and you both can split the profits in accordance with the arrangement you established when you first formed the partnership.

33. Open Football Viewing Center,

Many Nigerians (particularly the men) enjoy sports, especially football, and are always willing to pay a small fee to watch live games on the weekends and during the week.

One of the best ways to make money in Nigeria as a result is to open a viewing center business.

Even though this business is successful, it is challenging to launch since you need money to buy equipment (decoders, a TV, and a generator) and find a site to set up shop.

Sports betting agent business is best paired with viewing center company.

Additionally, you can find trustworthy people to handle the property well while you are abroad.

34. A functioning barbershop or hair salon

In Nigeria, this kind of business is very well-liked and profitable.

Since practically every woman changes her hair from time to time, you might earn some money if you are knowledgeable and know how to perform different hairstyles.

In addition, the average Nigerian girl spends over 7,000 Naira ($7,00) each month on hair products.

Offering excellent haircut services is a remarkable approach to make money in Nigeria if you know how to provide your client a fantastic haircut.

As barbering is not as portable as female hairdressing, it typically requires a place (store) to reside.

It is also profitable and doesn’t cost much money or capital to start.

35. Launch a nail and pedicure business

Both men and women can establish this business because it is not gender-specific.

The curation and care of a client’s hands are referred to as a manicure, while their feet are referred to as a pedicure. This includes nail care, skincare, and upgrades for artificial nails that can be tailored to a range of preferences.

There is a significant demand for people with this talent in Nigeria because many women enjoy having their fingernails and toenails buffed and polished on a weekly or monthly basis.

The business entails purchasing various tools and supplies for trimming and polishing fingernails as well as assisting other women in doing so.

To increase profits, it can be paired with a hair and/or makeup salon.

36. Sell old test questions and other helpful booklets 

All you have to do to start making money from this business is develop and publish a booklet (often a tutorial booklet or handout), then give it to different handout dealers in local schools who will sell it for you.

Additionally, you can compile additional prior exams in a variety of areas and offer them to students via these dealers.

37. Market used goods to customers

Many people are eager to pay money for your unwanted items and garbage.

You can gain money by selling your reasonably used and no longer needed properties to a friend, roommate, neighbor, total stranger, or even your family.

Additionally, you can assist folks in selling their used properties while earning a commission.

Gadgets like phones, TVs, laptops, and other products are some things you can sell to folks.

Most of the time, you might not need to actively assist the seller.

All you have to do to earn your own commission after the deal is completed is connect the seller and the buyer (kind of like an agency).

Additionally, you can assist others in selling their goods on websites like, Jumia, Konga, and even Nairaland while earning a commission after the item is sold and delivered to the customer.

38. Market student clothing

Students on campus prefer to look fashionable, therefore they frequently purchase clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, and other personal items.

In order to look fashionable, I frequently purchase clothing, footwear, purses, jewelry, and other body accessories.

If you can purchase these clothes in bulk from large vendors at a discount, you can earn a lot of money as a student in Nigeria.

39. Work as an estate or real estate agent

For some Nigerians, having access to clean water, security, a safe atmosphere for learning, reliable transportation, and a sense of peace and order are essential.

If you are particularly familiar with your neighborhood, you can utilize your free time to look for inexpensive housing, connect individuals, and earn commissions or agency fees.

40. Start Manufacturing Soaps and Disinfectants

For people who are skilled in producing soap and/or disinfectants, this is a business opportunity.

One option to earn money in Nigeria is to produce liquid, powdered, or bar soaps, air fresheners, fragrances, or body lotions.

Because so many Nigerians are prepared to pay to acquire a trade, it is a benefit of this type of business because you may also train others in it.

41. Train as a planner of events

Organizing events is another lucrative industry in Nigeria.

If you know the tricks and have a lot of experience arranging events, this is a terrific way to earn money while doing what you love because businesses and organizations will always need someone to arrange outstanding events.

Organizing performances or events for other people while earning money is called event planning.

You oversee the decorations and activities that occur during social gatherings such as weddings, parties, and other church-related events.

To complete this task, you don’t want a sizable staff or cutting-edge machinery; all you need are good coordination and management abilities.

42. Open a Dry Cleaning [Laundry] Business

Nigerians enjoy keeping up their appearance, but they typically dislike doing laundry.

You can succeed at this by working hard and being diligent.

If your workload increases, you can recruit a dependable local person to help.

You’d be surprised how frequently busy professionals hire someone else to do their laundry.

You might offer to start a laundry service for all your friends and neighbors if you live in an apartment complex or dorm.

43. Clean and paint homes

House cleaning and painting are two of the most well-known jobs in Nigeria.

Sometimes assistance is needed for cleaning and painting tasks when moving into a new residence.

You can provide these services and get paid for doing so.

It requires no special skills and only takes a few hours to complete.

You might work together with an established cleaning service or consider starting your own firm.

Clients who can afford it and prefer to live in attractive-looking apartments will pay for it, therefore it will be a bonus if you are also skilled at creating unique wall pattern designs using paint.

44. Pool maintenance services

You might also offer to assist folks with their pools if you have any pool-related knowledge.

They can be cleaned, and the chemicals can be handled as necessary.

45. Work as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

As many Nigerians prefer to appear beautiful and are willing to pay high money for it.

A gym instructor or personal trainer can assist. Many folks just need some guidance and accountability to start becoming fit.

Because you are a body builder, you will always draw admirers who want to look like you.

You might make $5,000 to $100,000 per person each week or month if you have up to 25 people that need your service.

You don’t even need to own a typical gym to achieve this, either.

You can simply setup a temporary gym with joined irons in your region or bargain with a gym owner.

Never forget to take safeguards for your safety.

46. Work as a DJ.

In Nigeria, there is practically perpetual demand for DJs for concerts and parties.

In Nigeria, providing excellent music at events and public gatherings is a surefire way to generate money.

You may download any music DJ program to your laptop, learn how to use it, and create playlists for any occasion if music is your love.

On the weekends, you can DJ for events and parties.

Getting a mixer and some speakers only costs a little money, but once you have them, you can start making money.

Even better, you may produce and market your mixtapes to interested parties like music websites.

You can find part-time work as a DJ in radio stations, nightclubs, hotels, and television networks.

47. Work as an MC or comedian

Learn the basics of being a Master of Ceremony online if you have the ability to speak persuasively and make people laugh.

MCs are always in demand for events, much like DJs.

It suffices if you successfully host your first event, which could be a friend’s birthday celebration.

48. Perform at music events

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about gigs and concerts is music.

For the majority of Nigerian youths, music and songwriting are currently their preferred means of income.

To promote your work, all you need to do is find a reputable record company.

You may be compensated to perform in front of a huge audience. You can achieve fame thanks to this big fan base.

49. Renting out musical gear and instruments

Renting out the instruments, gear, and other items to those who require them but cannot currently buy them is another way to make money.

Anything can be rented out for money, including musical instruments, studio space, bicycles, speakers, coolers, refrigerators, and skateboards.

50. Work as a model

Another viable means of making additional money in Nigeria is modeling.

This is one chance that only requires you to show up for picture shoots to promote specific products in exchange for payment.

The majority of businesses and brands typically search for particular qualities like eye color, skin tone, hair, height, or even weight.

You will quickly get wealthy if you have any of the qualities that the organization is seeking for.

As a model, you can act as a subject for commercial photo shoots, advertising, fashion shows, and private showings.

There are several methods to become a model, but generally you join an agency and get paid several hundred dollars per show.

Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram to display your work and let people view your portfolio is a fresh approach to break into the industry.

But keep in mind that many people have been used and abused in the name of modeling.

Therefore, when taking this route, use caution, common sense, and alertness.

51. Work as a TV or film extra

Every day across the nation, extras are needed for TV shows and movie productions to complete the background.

An interesting side job or a method to launch a career in the entertainment industry is to appear as an extra in a film or television program.

A person who serves as a background actor, talent, or environment in a motion picture is known as a movie extra.

Movie extras typically stand in the background, although a filmmaker has the freedom to deploy them anywhere is necessary.

It can be difficult to get into the movie business, but there are several crucial steps you can do to improve your chances of getting a role as a movie extra.

Despite being lucrative and difficult, there are other factors that affect how much movie extras are paid:

  • The cost of making the movie.
  • Whether the additional employee is a union or non-union employee.
  • The accessibility of background actors in unions.
  • How long the additional employee must put in each day on set.
  • The kinds of scenes the extra must appear in
  • How to Become a Top Nollywood Actor/Actress and Earn $2,5M for Each Movie Role
52. Use hiring services and driving school services

If you have access to a vehicle, you can use it to instruct others in driving while earning cool money.

Another unusual approach to generate money in Nigeria is to drive for Uber or use your vehicle for public transportation if you have a car and feel comfortable using it as a taxi.

Uber drivers in Nigeria can earn up to $35 per hour.

53. Services in branding

Designing T-shirts, bracelets, mufflers, and other trendy stylish wears and selling them online is another way to get compensated for your creativity.

If you can’t handle the branding, negotiate an agreement with someone who can, then serve as a contractor or middleman.

Always give what you promise.

In business, reputation is everything. If you have a good reputation, you’ll attract repeat customers and referrals for new ones.

54. Start a Poultry Business 

One of the most profitable agricultural ventures in Nigeria is poultry farming.

Because hens mature quickly, poultry farming in Nigeria has the potential to produce substantial returns in a short amount of time.

Nigeria is a huge market for poultry goods since consumers there prefer them to red meat due to the perceived health benefits.

Red meat is linked to some illnesses, particularly those that afflict the elderly, like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart-related illnesses.

Why the Poultry Farming Industry is Profitable:

  • The preference for white meat over red meat has led to a rise in the demand for chicken products as a business.
  • Since everyone consumes chicken products—young and elderly, wealthy and not so wealthy—the market is open for these goods.
  • Accelerated return on investment In forty-five days, investing in a day-old chick could yield a substantial return.
  • Comparatively speaking to certain other ventures, the starting capital is modest. You can start with 100-day-old chicks for as little as 50,000.00, and in less than two months, you can sell eggs or fully grown chickens.
    However, you should be aware of the following drawbacks of poultry farming:
  • It could be disastrous if the sickness is not quickly under control.
  • The feeds can be of poor quality, which could cause the birds to become undernourished.
  • It is possible that the poultry farm’s employees stole something.
  • There could be a disease epidemic at the chicken farm.



55. Installation and upkeep of cable television

Nowadays, almost everyone likes cable television, but very few people are capable of performing simple repairs or maintenance on it.

There is undoubtedly a sizable market here, and the good news is that getting started is inexpensive and doesn’t require much knowledge.

56. Repairs for phones and computers

If you’re skilled with computers, helping others get their computers fixed is a terrific way to earn extra money, even though complete/full-time fixes could take some time.

Typically, this include installing software, scanning for viruses, and other tasks.

57. Organizing Seminars

You can have a few-hour or multi-day seminars anywhere and instruct on any interesting subject you know about, particularly those that can help others generate money. Then, you can charge the participants a fee.

To help you cover topics you are not very informed about, you can invite guest lecturers.

Additionally, you have the chance to offer your audience items like video recordings of your classes.

58. Sell video games 

Games and boys go hand in hand.

It’s a great method to generate money if you have games on your laptop, PlayStation, Sega Mega Drive, Xbox, Wee, PSP, or Game Boy.

You won’t need to spend much time on it. People that require your services will find you if you simply let them know you are available.

Trust me, putting video games on other people’s devices can bring in a lot of cash.

59. Purchase & Sale of Produce from Local Farms

You might grow farm products to sell if you have a yard or some room to grow food.

While buying requires requesting an estimated quantity of farm products at a price, selling entails giving a determined amount of agricultural products to a market at a specific price.

Making money off of sales of farm products is nearly impossible without efficient distribution.

Distribution strategies for farm products that maximize profit:

  • Rejoin the Farmers’ Association
  • Selling Online Directly to Customers
  • Selling in neighborhood markets
  • Selling to manufacturers who supply large retailers
  • Exporting agricultural products
    Note: An effective negotiation skill is something that every serious seller must possess for all of the above-mentioned selling techniques.

Even before starting a farm, you must have prior understanding of the market for your products.

You must be aware of when to raise and when to lower your price.

You might not become a millionaire with this, but if you have enough to sell frequently, it could be a fantastic source of revenue.

60. Market Your Art

You may sell your artwork online on a website like Deviant Art if you’re an artist who regularly produces paintings, sketches, computer animations, or anything else that is visually appealing.

Users can upload photographs to Deviant Art and choose to sell those images as prints or even customized products like mouse pads and more.

Each time an item sells, the artist will get 20% of the sale price.

Higher degrees of membership result in greater royalties.

61. Launch bulk SMS services

Because businesses, organizations, churches, and associations constantly want to send SMS to a large number of individuals at once, the demand for specialized bulk SMS services is increasing.

Naturally, sending a standard text message can be fairly expensive when you consider the recipients.

For a charge, you can offer to send their members bulk SMS.

Additionally, you can run a bulk SMS website where customers can subscribe and send SMS messages on their own.

Starting a bulk SMS business has the benefit of requiring little initial investment.

If you know how to maximize the business, you can also profit up to 200 percent.

Profitability actually depends on the business owner and other elements like industry expertise, market familiarity, competitive analysis, client relationships, consistency, etc.

What is Required to Launch a Bulk SMS Business?

These are the essential things you should start with if you want to sell bulk SMS.

  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • Internet Small start-up capital (at least N50,000)
62. Start a catering business [food business]

In Nigeria, the food industry is one of the most lucrative industries.

One of the simplest methods to earn money every day in Nigeria is to own a restaurant in a prime location.

You can prepare delectable dishes, sell cooking supplies like cookbooks, manuals, and DVDs, and provide catering to event planners in your state.

Because their schedules are so unpredictable, catering businesses are also searching for more help.

The majority of catering businesses don’t do much work during the week but require a significant team during the weekends.

You can apply for work and get paid if you’re a Nigerian trying to make additional Naira.

63. Start a dance school.

No longer a pastime, dancing is become a profession.

In Nigeria, teaching hip dancing moves is a cool way to earn money.

You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment before opening your academy, and you can earn up to 30,000 per student for each session.

64. Reserve a Space

Purchasing or building a home and renting out the rooms to travelers is one of the finest methods to begin investing in real estate.

Renting out your extra rooms, store, or warehouse to others might earn you a lot of money in Nigeria, whether you’re selling a bed space or an extra bedroom.

Regardless of how large or little the space appears, someone is always willing to help.

65. Offer Bouncing Services

You can offer your services to individuals and organizations if you are in good physical shape, have a body size of, say, an XL or XXL, and are of average height.

Being a bouncer, security guard, or a bodyguard is a great way to earn money in Nigeria, and all it takes is just standing around and screaming at people.

You can get paid every month with nothing more than a great physique, but avoid using violence.

66. Train as a lifeguard.

Try your hand at lifeguarding if you have outstanding swimming skills.

A lifeguard is a rescuer who oversees the safety and rescue of water sport participants in lakes, water parks, swimming pools, and other bodies of water.

You merely wait and watch to make sure nothing bad occurs in your water. You are then paid.

You can work as a lifeguard in your school’s pool, as well as at resorts, tourist attractions, and local swimming holes.

67. Recycle bottles and cans

Recycling is another another easy way to generate extra income.

Most locations across the nation let you get compensated for recycling bottles and cans.

It’s not much, but full can bags might bring in up to 5,000 yen per bag.

Additionally, it contributes to area cleanup!

68. Recycling Old Metal

In addition to recycling cans and bottles, you can also recycle scrap metal.

Recycling waste metal has much greater financial potential, however You could make a sizable profit if you uncover scrap copper or metal.

69. Acquire CAC Business Registration knowledge

One of the crucial conditions for beginning a business is the registration of the business name.

Choosing a name for your firm is one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs. I can attest to this.

Most business owners probably lack creativity.

However, there are services available that can be used and paid for.

70. Sports betting 

A fun method to earn money online with your smartphone is through sports betting.

By allowing you to take part in your favorite game and experience the additional thrill of winning money by betting on the sport, it provides twice the enjoyment.

For you to experience a turn for the better outputs, Change your betting strategy if you want your luck to turn around and you want to start consistently generating money.

This is when seasoned gamblers on websites who understand how to regularly profit from betting come in.

You can receive professional, fact-based analyses on football wagers by joining such websites as a member.

71. Small Import Company

Mini importation is purchasing items in modest quantities straight from a manufacturer or significant distributor in another nation and bringing them into your own where they would be consumed or sold for a profit at a higher price.

Depending on your capital, you can import internationally popular goods.

Starting a small importation business can cost as little as $50,000 or as much as $50 million.

Once you understand how to bring products from other nations into Nigeria, you may run a successful business out of the nooks and crannies of your home and make millions of Naira every day.

74. Invest

You must invest your earnings once you have some.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to create a lifelong source of passive income from your investments.

Spend what little money you do have, and more will arrive even if you don’t work for it.

To get going, not much is required.

The following are the top financial investments in Nigeria:

  •  Bond Purchasing.
  • Establishing a brokerage account to buy stocks.
  • Individual Development (Investing in yourself by attend paid training, buying books and materials to improve your knowledge and business ideas).
  • Gaining knowledge of lucrative trades like website design and CPA Affiliate Promotion
  • To increase your profitability, reinvest some of your profits in your company.
  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading currency exchange.


You can take advantage of a number of additional untapped business and investment opportunities in Nigeria to make money and achieve financial independence.

Pick one of the ways we covered to see a shift in your revenue stream because the abilities and business concepts I taught today are applicable.

While it is possible to create an online income stream quickly, you should be aware that it may take months or even years to reach your potential for a high income.

You will succeed if you work hard, are passionate about what you do, and are intelligent.

In Nigeria, you don’t have to be a fraudster to succeed.

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