How Do I Make money in Nigeria Working Online And it is not a scam?

There are numerous ways to make money in Nigeria, regardless of your career, provided you have the resources. For some, you may not even need any specialized knowledge because there are commonplace services you may provide online from anywhere. In essence, your only restriction as long as you have an internet connection is what you decide not to do. The top ways to earn money online in Nigeria are listed here.

Online Earning Strategies in Nigeria

You can earn money online in Nigeria in a countless number of ways, either actively or passively. However, these approaches differ because some need for specialized knowledge while others only ask that you trade your time for cash. As follows:

Online book publishing

Online book publishing is actually a very lucrative business opportunity that Nigerians underutilize. For instance, the platform okadabooks enables you to easily and for free publish books online. Furthermore, if you have writing skills, you can create a piece for upload and monetize it so that you are paid each time your content is read or downloaded.

Design Products to Sell:

Do you have experience with programs like Photoshop and Canva? You may create designs and sell them online. In essence, everyone interested in your design would have to pay to get it, similar to what Pexels provides. Nigerians can post their work to Printivo’s online store and make money from it.

Publish Real Estate as an Agent:

Since the beginning of time, real estate has been one of the most lucrative enterprises. By locating properties that are for sale and putting them on websites like Tolet or Jumia House, you can profit from this. Once you register as an agency, you can start working.

Create a blog:

One of the best ways to earn money online is to blog or vlog (video blog). All you have to do is consistently update your platform with new, original information for your readers. Additionally, you can write product reviews for a certain specialty and get paid when your readers make purchases. In essence, the more traffic your blog or vlog receives, the more money it might earn.

Online store sales

Sites like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji give entrepreneurs a forum to list their goods for sale to thousands of Nigerians. Although you might have to give them a commission on each transaction, they are entirely free. Without creating a store, it’s one of the simplest ways to generate money online in Nigeria. However, keep in mind that in order to make sales, you would need to stock up on physical goods.

Affiliate promotion

This fashion is quite similar to blogging or vlogging, where you can advertise a business or their goods online in exchange for a fee. However, you would need to either amass a sizable following or create a website specifically for that. You can join the affiliate programs of a number of today’s biggest brands, including international behemoths like Amazon and Konga, as well as Jumia and Konga.

Offer your professional expertise:

Do you possess a talent? On websites for independent contractors like Fiverr or Upwork, sell it online for a charge. Content creation, social media management, graphic design, web design, and other skills are in high demand.

Virtual Teacher

Yes, you can earn money by sharing your knowledge with others. Udemy, one of the biggest learning platforms in the world, operates under this umbrella. As a result, you may submit your movies and charge a fee for people to view them, or you can simply host webinars for a more personal interaction. One of the top websites in Nigeria for earning money off of your knowledge is

Online polls:

This is one of the unskilled online income opportunities in Nigeria. In essence, you can participate in online surveys for research organizations wanting to compile data or test out new goods. As a result, for a short time investment, you can receive immediate cash as a reward.

Evaluating Apps and Websites

Developers are always looking for people to test their products after they have been developed and launched in order to determine their effectiveness. Therefore, by performing this for them and identifying gaps that common users are likely to run into, you can earn money. User testing is among the greatest platforms for this.


These are some of the finest ways for Nigerians with or without talents to make money online. The opportunity is open to businesspeople, creatives, and people with no expertise. Therefore, you can earn money online in Nigeria as long as you are willing to put in the effort or time.

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