How Can I use to Make Money in Nigeria?

You will discover all the procedures in this post for importing products from to Nigeria or any other African nation.

I’d want to start by emphasizing the word “Mini Importation” more. I always tell folks what it means in context, not just how it sounds.

Mini importation isn’t, in my opinion, a commercial strategy. It involves outsourcing work and obtaining items in smaller quantities from another nation.

1688 Mini Importation is a legitimate trade that needs strong accountability to succeed.

After concluding, let’s examine the procedures for purchasing items on and importing them into Nigeria or any other African country.

Everything I mention about importing items from 1688 in this guide applies to the most of African nations, especially those in West and East Africa.

It does work if you’re in Southern Africa, although unlike in East and West Africa, there may be some difficulties with the importing license.

You can get in touch with me for assistance and more details.

The following is required;

  • Business Mindset.
  • Funding.
  • Intended goods to Import.
  • Good understanding of how to use the Internet to outsource work.
  • Exemplary accountability.
  • Shipping firm.
Business Attitude
A typical business is importing products from to Nigeria and selling them to friends and relatives.
So, expanding the market to which these products are sold is more of a business decision. That is advertising.

An effective business plan considers potential markets, marketing, location, online presence, logistics, etc.

In my last essay, I provided a practical small importation business strategy.

Your ability to develop a practical business plan is provided by having a business mindset. This plan will go over your company’s objectives, how it can achieve them, potential issues, and fixes.

A business may occasionally not function as expected. Everyone in business experiences it. But not every business has to fail.

Businesses stand a better chance of succeeding if they have the proper perspective, strategy, money, and scalability.

Don’t anticipate too much from small importation. Put an end to all the large importation statistics you see online. Of course, they might actually exist.

One can sell a product and get a 100% ROI, but they can’t truly tell you how much perseverance and money it took them to reach that point.

Mini imports and online shopping are not MMM. Even if a product doesn’t work for you, you should keep trying new ones and testing your marketing and other aspects of success.


Every company need capital. Forget about the inflated numbers that individuals post online. Most likely, they are keeping something from you in an effort to entice you to enroll in their course.

Things have altered in modern times.

It doesn’t seem appropriate to use 20,000 as your initial and sole capital for your tiny importing.

Better yet, if you sell to relatives and friends on WhatsApp, this might work for you.

That demonstrates that you aren’t prepared for the actual business of scaling, promoting, and selling. I might not provide you with a ballpark figure for the amount you’ll need to start your mini importing operation.

You require money for

  • If you’d require agents, consider outsourcing your products.
  • Evaluating products.
  • Purchasing goods from
  • Whenever possible, shipping, clearing, and waybill.
  • A landing page or an online shop.
  • Copywriting and advertising. To avoid wasting your money, you must use professionals.
  • Scaling.
    Only those who wish to conduct actual business should read the above.You don’t need them if you only want to sell to your friends from school, family, and WhatsApp contacts.

    You tend to be someone with a secondary business. I mean no offense, but that’s okay! You can get started slowly and gain experience.

Items planned for importation from

Of course, one should consider what they want to market. You can move on to the following step once you have a notion of the products you want to outsource to 1688.

Outside of 1688, you can conduct both your market and product research. It might be on top-selling items on Jumia and Konga as well as on eBay, Amazon,, or AliExpress.

good understanding of how to use the Internet to outsource work
Utilizing one of 1688’s product search tools is the next step once you’ve selected products to look up on the website. You can use’s search function to find items.

Image lookup
The query field

Item search 1688
It is a typical method of searching for anything. Similar to how we look for things online using Google. All you have to do is key in the product you want to look for on 1688.

You can use this to search images of 1688 things you want to buy. To search for product photographs, all you need to do is click on the image icon and then find where you saved those images. Lastly, press the red button.

Assuming you have chosen a thing to purchase, your first thought will likely be, “How do I order this product?”

These are what your subsequent action will entail;

  • How do you convert goods prices from 1688 to your currency?
  • What does this mean by a bulk batch of pieces?
  • How can I make a purchase on
  • How will they deliver my order to my shipping provider?
  • What does’s “Express delivery” refer to?

How do you convert goods prices from 1688 to your currency?
The bag costs between £37 and £39, as shown in the image above. The minimum order quantity determines the price (MOQ).

The MOQ simply refers to the smallest amount of a specific product that can be purchased. You may only purchase this bag in amounts up to 3, as the minimum order quantity is 3 to 39. The price decreases as the quantity increases. Please disregard the month that is associated with the bulk batch.

If you plan to pay for your order through agents, their normal prices for Yuan () range from 52 to 54. Due to changes in the exchange rate, it changes every day.

Assuming you wish to get 3 of these bags, the price will be 39 x 3 bags, or 117. The price of the bags will be 117 x 53, or $6201, if 1 = 53. Accordingly, each bag costs 2067.

How can I make a purchase on
On, there are two ways to place an order. Either utilize an agent or place the order straight on the 1688 website.

Placing orders on the website

You must have a confirmed Alipay account and a solid grasp of Chinese characters in order to properly register on 1688.

You will be able to comprehend every field during checkout if you have a solid understanding of Chinese characters.

Identifying Chinese provinces, cities, and districts is one of these fields. Your translator might occasionally get those fields wrong. You should then rely on your gut feeling.

Your shipping firm will supply provinces, cities, and districts for you. Similar to delivering to a client in Lagos, a seller needs customer’s state, town and possibly region in Lagos.

Placing orders through agents on

Finding agents who can place orders on your behalf is your only option if you do not have a verified Alipay account.

You should give them the links to the items you want to purchase. They are free to charge by the link or however they see fit.

How to find your suppliers’ contact information

Assuming you don’t want to have agents execute orders on your behalf. You should speak with these suppliers directly before looking for Alipay merchants who can help you pay them on your behalf.

You will at least save a few naira. You will do this to obtain their phone numbers and perhaps strike up a conversation with them.

Make sure to convert your browser to Desktop view if you’re browsing 1688 on a mobile device. Click on the contact menu to go to their contact page. Before you save the number, be sure to add the dialing code for China, +86.

The phone number will now be +8603125273325 or +8613603126097 for this specific merchant.

Exemplary accountability

This is no more complicated than simple math. I’ve encountered people who needed me to make purchases on their behalf.

Typically, 1688 agents merely take your money and links to things, place orders on your behalf, and then leave. But I act differently from what everyone else does, not the same norm.

Despite teaching them how to compute the costs of goods in Naira, how to compute the costs of shipping from China to Nigeria, taking waybills into account, and ultimately how to evaluate the entire cost price of each thing once they receive it.

However, I had a significant issue with them. The effort I put into getting in touch with various Chinese vendors and the difficulties I encountered translating Chinese characters into English resulted primarily in “I must drop some goods.” My money wasn’t received, lol. “Hmm, I’ll pay you back when I get my things”

I assume you are familiar with the sensation. Knowing your budget, choosing products that fit within it, and figuring out the cost of the items and the shipping fees before seeking for someone to pay on your behalf will help you avoid being in their position.

Business people that are serious about their work do that. A thorough guide on how to manage the costs of purchasing and delivering your item to Nigeria has been written by me.

Ask the shipping firms all the questions you require. contrasting and comparing. Give your shipping company’s Chinese address to your supplier. Afterward, be sure to also include your shipping mark.

How soon will my package arrive in Nigeria?
Depending on your delivery choice, yes. Express freight and regular air cargo are the two most popular shipping options.

In accordance with the fees your shipping agent charges. Of course, the only way to be certain is to ask them. This is an approximate shipping fee;

Express typically needs 3 to 4 days (Express is not available at the moment)
$8 to $9 per kilogram and Naira 700 per kg for clearing

It typically takes 7 to 14 days for air cargo.
For clearing in Nigeria, the price per kg is $7.7 500.

Express shipment costs about twice as much as regular air cargo. Ask questions of your shipping agent. Search for another if you’re not happy.

How can I locate reputable shipping agents?
No agent or transportation firm is particularly kind to everyone. You might occasionally have luckier luck than other people who employed the same agent.

You should conduct some research to discover a shipping company using Google, nairaland, small importation groups, and friends. Then, experiment on your own and base your judgment on that rather than what others have said.

What does’s “Express delivery” refer to?

Simply put, express delivery is what the provider will charge you for when sending your orders to the Chinese address of your shipping agent. Typically, online retailers like Jumia charge their consumers a delivery fee.

Express shipping from China to Nigeria is not extra. Within China, it is a local shipping charge. If your shipping agent is located far away, the fee can go up.

I hope this essay was helpful to you. Please help me out by posting this on your preferred social media platform or sending it to a friend who could use it. Let’s share affection.

However, I can assist you with anything related to tiny imports, including creating your mini imports online business and internet marketing.

Please feel free to bookmark this website for future use as we will be adding additional possibilities and ideas to it as time goes on. You can also impart your ideas to your pals who might be looking for ways to make money.

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