How Can I Make Money in Nigeria Quickly?

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa with a GDP that is always expanding, yet it consistently has double-digit inflation rates that cause their currency to lose value. Furthermore, the scarcity of employment contributes to Nigeria’s startling unemployment rate, which peaked at 23.1% in late 2018 – or almost 25% of the population!

The good news is that you can create your own full-time jobs even though there might not be any available to you.

We have compiled 30 ways for you to make money without having a job because we don’t want your talent to go to waste.

How can I quickly earn money online in Nigeria?

You are already halfway to earning money online if you have access to a computer and a functional Internet connection. Finding relevant channels that will compensate you for your time is all that remains.

1. Bitcoin trading

It is the ideal time to consider cryptocurrencies as an alternative to naira when high inflation rates and lack of bank access make it insensible to deal in that currency. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, unaffected by economic downturns, and can be traded instantaneously.

You can buy bitcoin via peer-to-peer exchanges like Paxful in a variety of methods, including but not limited to gift cards, PayPal, cash deposits, etc. You can make money by experimenting with exchange rates, bitcoin prices, and foreign exchange rates.

2. Providing comments on websites and applications

Websites are not created flawlessly. Because of customer feedback, the well-known websites we use today have undergone generations of revisions and realterations.

Spend 10 to 20 minutes browsing the website of one of the upcoming tech behemoths and let them know what you think. Through websites like UserTesting, you can get paid up to $60 each test for providing feedback on their questionnaires or assignments.

3. Watching videos and completing online surveys

There are easier ways to earn money online besides watching movies. On InboxDollars, companies have paid users more than $56 million in cash incentives for completing online surveys, reading emails, playing video games, and watching movies in exchange for grocery store discounts or free products from well-known companies.

Aside from the money, what you’re doing has value and is mutually beneficial. Your responses to surveys will aid large firms in creating goods that better reflect your interests and that you, the end user, will eventually love.

4. Enjoying popular video games

Mistplay genuinely allows you to play cool and well-known games for gift cards, unlike other applications that pay you to play little and maybe monotonous games on your phone. They provide a variety of well-known games, such as Words With Friends 2, Yahtzee, Clash Royale, Star Wars, etc.

You receive more rewards the more games you play. And what’s this? You may get your rewards for Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation in addition to Amazon, Starbucks, and Google Play gift cards. It’s time to play even more games!

5. Looking for your next buy online

Search engines certainly know you better than your nearest relatives or friends do, despite the fact that you might not believe me. All of your questions and long-desired purchases appear as search page results, and search engines are now eager to pay to learn more about these user behaviors!

Every time you conduct a search on Qmee, a few sponsored results with price tags indicating the potential earnings will appear. You can either click on them to instantly gain points or utilize the available Qmee coupons and discounts to save money on your upcoming shopping trip.

How can a student in Nigeria make money?

Even though the quick cash game ideas listed above are authentic, it can take a few weeks or months before the earnings is sufficient to cover a few meals. In this section, we’ll outline a few strategies that, while they might require more effort on your part, will pay off handsomely.

6. Online English instruction

It feels amazing to employ a skill you already have to improve people’s lives and earn some additional money, don’t you think? Websites like TeacherOn link prospective English teachers with second-language English-speaking students. Once you’ve registered, you may choose your own schedule and begin instructing from any location. Everything is done online, and you set your own hours to work.

On TeacherOn, teachers can make up to 10,000 naira per hour while also getting to see their pupils get better over time.

7. Materials translation

You may access hundreds of thousands of job posts for translation, interpretation, copywriting, and editing once you log onto freelance websites like TranslatorsCafe. The nature of the projects on these locations can vary substantially. One project, for instance, can be completed entirely online, whilst another needs an in-person presence. Additionally, the skills needed for each project can vary, encompassing, to mention a few, the domains of entertainment, games, medicine, and law.

This is the place for you if you’re learning a language at school and want to exercise your language skills in a real-world setting. For some projects, compensation rates are flexible; contact the job poster right once!

8. Freelancing in essentially every field of study

You can earn money online as a freelancer in a variety of ways beyond from teaching English and translating/interpreting. You can find job posts seeking assistance in a variety of sectors if you visit websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Among the most well-liked ones are:

  • Digital marketing – As more companies work to increase their online visibility, services like SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing are in high demand right now.
  • Copywriting – There are several writing jobs that you can complete in a matter of hours, including blogs, sales copy, and product descriptions.
  • Video editing – To produce motion graphics, how-to videos, and the like, many entrepreneurs and influencers are searching for freelancers.
9. Exchanging used books for Amazon gift cards

We all know that college textbooks are large, hefty, and only utilized for one or two semesters. Why not trade them in on Amazon Trade-In for gift cards that you can then use to purchase the upcoming textbooks or electronics you require for school once you’ve absorbed all the knowledge from them? On their page, you may check the value of your books, and guess what? On Amazon, there are shipping costs!

10. Selling your notes 

Not only are the notes you produce in class useful for your late-night cram sessions, but you can also publish them online to earn extra money! You can list your notes and get paid when another student downloads them on marketplace websites like Stuvia and Nexus Notes. Nobody wants to spend ten minutes trying to understand a line, so make sure your notes are clear and of excellent quality.

11. Recording voiceovers

We all have our own voices. Projects on sites like are constantly looking for audio talent for things like narrators, storytellers, educators, and video game voices. Approachable, genuine, conversational, friendly, and believable are the most sought-after communication styles.

Try your hand at online acting today if you have a calm space and want to see how your voice may convey ideas.

12. Using your beloved bike to deliver packages

Do you ride a motorcycle and like to travel? If so, join Kwik, a Nigerian on-demand delivery platform, and become a Kwikster. You’ll receive your green uniform and be able to start providing high-quality services once Kwik has validated your identification and licensing. You will be informed when someone needs your assistance, and you will also be provided the address and a time to pick up the package as well as to mail it. Safe travels!

13. Entering data

We are aware that you occasionally have to work with big amounts of data for school tasks. Check out websites like Clickworker if you consider yourself to be meticulous and wish to earn money by entering data. Users can sign up to perform quick jobs, such data entry and research, as part of a larger project. Project to project varies in terms of pay.

14. Market products

Everybody has something they could live without, but it might be someone else’s favorite thing. Profit from your possessions by selling them on e-commerce platforms like Konga and Jumia. Some of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world are these two sites. These two platforms, which let individuals and small businesses sell their products, are among the most popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

Dropshipping allows you to launch an internet business without having to handle the merchandise yourself. This technique involves purchasing goods from a third party, such as a manufacturer or wholesaler, and shipping them to your clients. As a result, you can experiment with fresh product concepts without having to buy and pay for them in advance.

15. Finishing projects for large corporations

Can you imaging getting paid to take pictures at the grocery store or to respond to inquiries about a specific product?

Big businesses are now willing to pay you through tasking applications like FieldAgent and BeMyEye if you’re also willing to execute on-demand work as market research has advanced. These jobs typically pay between $3 and $12 USD and require 8 to 10 minutes. Not bad if you need to buy anyhow and get some help with your food!

16. Scan barcodes on your grocery store receipts

In a similar vein, the National Consumer Panel conducts in-depth market research for major businesses, and they’re now curious about what you purchase each time you go to the grocery store or the mall. Your feedback to NCP will be very helpful for businesses to analyze consumer behavior and will enable them to produce even better goods for you!

Every bar code you scan from your purchase will earn you points, which you can eventually convert to gift cards.

17. Allowing movie rentals in your dorm

If your roommates are on board with renting out your guys’ room as a prospective movie set after consulting with them, list your room on JJMedia Group right away! You never know; the next Nollywood Pitch Perfect could be filmed just in your dorm room!

18. Investing with an app that is easy to utilize

Investing may seem difficult for a twenty-year-old, but with Acorns’ assistance and simple interface, it’s really not that impossible.

With the “round-up” feature of this app, for instance, when you spend $10.23 at the grocery store, 77 cents are added to your Acorns account. If you have email address and are a student under 24 years old, the $1 monthly membership charge is also waived for you. Get ready to use the app to save hundreds of dollars year!

19. Receiving cash-back bonuses

After learning about Rakuten cashback benefits, you’ll probably never again purchase something at full price. You can opt to have your free money from Rakuten paid by PayPal or by a cheque, in addition to receiving discounts off well-known brands like Amazon and Macy’s.

Rakuten payment received via PayPal or cheque. Seriously? You now receive money back for your purchases? I’m in. Join others in making annual savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars!

20. Selling your photographs 

Instead of sharing your images on Instagram just to get likes, publish them to Foap to make money off of them. You will be paid a licensing fee if someone wishes to use your images, and every time they make a sale using one of your photos, you will receive half of that licensing price. With just a glance at your food, winter boots, holiday celebrations, and whatever else is in demand, your pocket money can quickly add up.

21. Virtually assisting doctors with their diagnosis

There is never enough time for doctors to spend with patients. Be their digital medical scribe on iScribes to assist them in changing this and offering better patient care. Your task is to handle the paperwork and documentation for doctors whenever you have free time in the comfort of your own room, giving you exposure to the highly sought-after medical sector.

22. Typing up audio clips

Consider working as a transcriptionist for some fast money if you can focus while typing quickly. You may transcribe 2-4 minute audio recordings in whatever language you’re fluent in on websites like TranscribeMe and make $15 to $25 per hour. But be sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable!

23. Work as an online teacher

You might have a talent for painting or speak French, Spanish, or another language fluently. By becoming an online tutor and teaching subjects you are an expert in, you can make money while still a student. In order to assist people in acquiring the degree of information they want on a particular subject, you can arrange webinars or hold one-on-one lessons.

You may immediately connect with prospective students by using websites like, Tutoria, and UpskillTutor. Just be ready for any tests that may be required for the subject you want to tutor.

How can creative and tech-savvy Nigerians make money online?

We’ve discussed a few quick and simple ways to earn money online and while still a student. What if you wanted to capitalize on some lucrative unique skills you possess? Here are some ideas for things you can make using your hands and creative thinking:

24. YouTube Blogging 

With a billion hours of video watched on YouTube every day, starting a business in vlogging is always a good idea. Try posting some video content to your YouTube account if you specialize in a particular area and feel at ease speaking in front of a camera. Although it takes time and effort to establish a sizable audience, those who are adept at video editing and marketing techniques can profit from YouTube’s ads and programs.

25. Creating a successful online course

You’re great at video editing, so why not organize a course to teach others what you know? Visit Udemy. More than 100,000 online courses have been published to instruct interested students in a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to, business, design, IT, software, marketing, and photography. You are compensated when students enroll in your course. This is not a solitary endeavor, as Udemy teachers collaborate on improving their videos in a Facebook group.

26. Release e-books

Okay, so you have a specialty and some intriguing tales to share, but you don’t enjoy viewing yourself on a screen that is rectangular. Let’s attempt to publish these adventures as an eBook.

Your book will appear on Kindle shops throughout the world in 24-48 hours when you publish using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. You can edit your books whenever you want and set your own list prices on our site. One day, KDP will enable you to publish your book for free, so keep that in mind if you wish to!

27. Producing successful internet content

Anyone may create and earn money from their blog entries on online content sharing platforms like HubPages if they are informative and beneficial for readers. As a Hubber, you may choose to participate in the HubPages Ad Program and Google AdSense to have goods and advertisements displayed on your articles.

Some Hubbers have been able to make about $1,000 USD per month!

28. Developing apps

Businesses are striving to develop mobile apps in order to better serve their customers as more and more individuals these days use mobile devices. Because there are so many prospects in the long run for app creation, if you have an aptitude for programming, you might want to pursue it. and X-Team are two prominent websites where programmers can get freelance work.

29. Making your own broadcast 

There are so many different methods to express your ideas! If neither writing nor video are appropriate, how about a broadcast?

With the help of websites like, you can connect with listeners all around the world and launch a free internet radio station. Additionally, they provide great analytics that may help you manage your station and target audience more effectively.

30. Market your designs

Start selling your graphic designs on the Nigerian website Printivo if you have a creative streak and want other people to use them on their business cards, t-shirts, flyers, banners, and coffee mugs. After customizing the texts and elements on your templates, users who are interested in your designs will place orders.

31. Affiliate advertising

Why not spread the word to your friends and family about a product or program you love and persuade them to download it as well?

A product and a new user are basically “wingmaned” in affiliate marketing in return for a share of the revenues.

Although commission rates differ, they can add up to a sizable revenue. One such instance is the affiliate scheme on our own platform Paxful, which allows users to get a 50% compensation on the escrow fee for each trade made by a direct referral. This means that you will receive half of the 1% escrow fee, or $10, if one of your referrals trades USD $1,000 worth of bitcoin. You can make a lot of money when you have several referrals and they all engage in significant trading volumes.

32. Composing music

Anyone can write their own song and upload it to YouTube so that others can judge their taste. Your songs might potentially be heard by millions of people by using well-known platforms like YouTube and Spotify, which would bring you a sizable profit. For instance, the song “Fall” by Nigerian musician and songwriter Davido has received 148 million views on YouTube alone.

As Sony and Universal establish offices in Nigeria, ride the current music wave. According to PwC, Nigeria’s music industry is expected to be worth an astounding $73 million by 2021!


Please feel free to bookmark this website for future use as we will be adding additional possibilities and ideas to it as time goes on. You can also impart your ideas to your pals who might be looking for ways to make money.

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