There are many reasons why students find it difficult to further their studies. Many drop out of school to work because of financial constraints. free high school diploma online can help those in this category. The price for education keep increasing every year and very little of the population are able to realize the already set goals. Many students have to work to pay for their studies. This article provides information about free high school diploma online

Free high school diploma online include:

  1. COHS- Smart Horizons Career Online High School

The available career options in this area include office administration, childcare and education, national security and certified protection officer. Students will also earn a career certificate in addition to obtaining a high school diploma.

The Smart Horizons Career Online High school is the first accredited online school district in the nation and they are licensed by other reputable institutions. The practical approach to developing the community by Smart Horizons is very lucid. They work in synergy with Wal-mart, McDonald’s and other cooperation to offer employees scholarships.

  1. The Excel High School

This school is based in Plymouth, MN and they give free accredited high school diploma online at no cost. They have a license which has made them more reliable in the past few years. They are also licensed by AdvancED. Their standard diploma track is 21.5 credits with an average of 5 courses per semester. They also have unlimited course that are offered at low cost. A collection of their courses recently include health, science, mathematics, world languages, social science and fine arts.

  1. University Of Mississippi High School 

Abbreviated as UMHS, University of Mississippi High School offer students with the opportunity of  enrolling into different diploma programs. They also have a license from AdvancED. They give free accredited high school diploma at no cost online and this is focused on the curriculum of the University of Mississippi.

  1. Texas Success Academy

This academy is located in Arlington and also have a license from AdvancEd and Texas Education Agency. As a student, you are permitted to work at your own pace but with the option of receiving lectures once. Study opportunities include areas like business information management, electrical technology, introduction to accounting, plumbing technologies and finance management.

Best Online High Schools

In addition to providing free online diploma programs, the schools listed here are considered the best

online high schools.

  1. The Whitemore School Adult Diploma

Are you an adult looking for a cheap way to get a degree? The whitemore school adult diploma is a perfect option for you. The description of this school follows. Whitemore School is the World’s first online high school that is well recognized. Based in Morgantown and with a license from AdvancED, they have provided a good opportunity for students to earn 6 credits yearly. Payment plans are very available for courses which are not free. Whitemore also working synergy with high schools within the country to satisfy students’ needs. 

  1. Brigham Young University Adult Diploma

This school offer free teaching that gives students the opportunity to enroll into a diploma course with their phones. In addition to courses offered at an average of $160, these platform provides accessibility to courses like humanities, education, international studies, engineering and communication.

  1. Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS)

This academy offers both part-time and full time online virtual learning opportunities for students. Tuition fee is dependent on the length of the course. Courses offered include computer science, mathematics, languages and environmental science. See more here

  1. Indiana University High School

They provide college prep and standard Diploma pathways. It is required that students at least must earn 10 credit. The courses offered include science, health, languages and mathematics. Tuition fee is about $252 per course. 

  1. James Madison High School Online

They offer a free high school diploma online at no cost to adults particularly who want to widen their horizon. DEAC, AdvancED and CHEA are bodies that have accredited the school.

Their diploma program covers about 24 courses among which are physics, biology, English, world geography, American history and management. There is more Information about it here

High School Diploma 

Many People are interested in obtaining a high school diploma in certified and vibrant school. Some of these high school diploma online are highlighted below to guide students in decision making process. Are you about graduating from your current high school but needs a few credits? Do you want to receive other classes to forge head, or just learn and refresh you’re your understanding in most recent challenging issues in the world? High school online diploma can help. 

Online free high school diploma is a nice place to dip your search net. It provides a good opportunity to obtain a high school diploma at a low or no cost. This opportunity is not restricted to a particular age group. Many who are interested in attending adult schools but have been hindered by finance can as well attend an online high school from their convenience. The best online high schools have been highlighted in this article.

(A) Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster high school partners with James Madison High School to provide learning opportunities for individuals. The course offered are listed below:

  1. Algebra
  2. Business maths
  3. Calculus
  4. Geometry
  5. Consumer maths
  6. Advanced business software applications
  7. Advanced computer application
  8. Advanced Microsoft office
  9. Small Business Management
  10. English
  11. Written communication
  12. History and other social studies
  13. Biology and related sciences
  14. Arts and Humanities
  15. Languages including Spanish

(B) Albama Free Accredited High School Online Diploma

Alabama Virtual Academy, Alabama Destinations Career Academy and Alabama Connections Academy are all full time learning opportunities that are free for students in all parts of the world. Public school students in grades 9-12 are eligible for free classes while private schools are entitled to payment of fees. 

Virtual education is a promising learning technique for young people today. It is easier because same technology students use to communicate themselves is required to access this mode of learning.

We sincerely recommend that students and professionals carefully select high school diploma programs to avoid being vulnerable to deceit by fraudsters. 

Jobs With High School Diploma

Jobs that can be acquired with high school diploma include; pharmacy technician, gaming manager, power plant operator, ironworker, audio visual technician and Mail Carrier. In addition to these, they are also employed as dispensing optician, community health worker, flight attendant and many more.

Adult Schools

Adult education is the process in which adults get involved in sustained and systematic self-educating activities. Free high school diploma online  are offered by this institution.Adult education can be formal, informal or non-formal. The following universities offer adult education:

1. University of Alabama

2. Texas Tech University

3. Saint Louis University

4.  Northern Lights College

 5. Cardiff Metropolitan University.

 Though there are many others, the schools listed above are certified and could satisfy your need.

Ged Classes

This is mainly recommended for individuals that are at least 16 years of age and have not completed high school test, formally known as GED test. The modalities remain that students are given instruction in writing, reading, social studies, science and math. The midland college offers a range of options for GED classes. These classes offer free high school diploma online.

Ged Class Options

Locations: Midland and Fort Stockton

Language of instruction: Spanish and English

Days: Monday to Thursday

Periods: Mornings and evenings

Mode: Online is available

Location And Contact Details

Midland college main campus, 3600N. Garfield Midland, TX9705.

Email address:

Free High School Diploma Online No Cost For Adults

The following schools offer free high school diploma online with no cost for adults:

  1. Alabama virtual academy

This school based online offers educational courses that ignites learning power in students so to enable them attain full academic height in the process of study. It issues tuition-free public education that support social and extra-curricular activities for students.

  1. Arizona university Academy

This institution provides students with self-learning experience.

  1. Arkansas Virtual Academy

Equip yourself with more career opportunities by enrolling into this school of learning.

  1. Florida Virtual School

This school is flexible and as well considerate in the provision of educational services. It will be a perfect choice for many who would want to incorporate other activities into their time.

  1. Pinnacle online High School

Students willing to secure a certified diploma in different fields can as well see this as a perfect choice.

  1. Hope High school online

This school remains one of the top free high schools online. Enrolling for a diploma program will be very rewarding.

  1. Frontier Charter school

This school offers amazing emerging innovations and best learning practices for students to learn properly. You can apply this school and get your diploma.


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