Dalhousie University Acceptance Rate For International Students

We will highlight crucial details regarding Dalhousie University in this essay. We’ll concentrate on details like the admittance rate for international students at Dalhousie University, tuition, rating, etc.

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One of Canada’s top universities, Dalhousie University is renowned for its exceptional academic standards and instruction, as well as a wide variety of learning and research possibilities. High-achieving students from all across the world attend Dalhousie University.

Dalhousie University

Canada’s Dalhousie University is a government-funded institution. Lieutenant-Governor John Ramsay requested that a non-denominational college be present, therefore he asked for its founding in 1818. It was given the name Dalhousie College in 1820.

As of right now, the university has four campuses in the province: Studley, Carlton, Sexton, and a fifth site in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.

The colleges of medicine, dentistry, and health are located on the main campus at Studley. Sexton is home to the departments of engineering, planning, and architecture. The agricultural faculty is located at the fourth campus, which is in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, while the technical institution is in Sexton. At the moment, the institution has more than 18,000 students and 850 faculty members.

The Killam Memorial Library, the largest in Atlantic Canada, is one of the five libraries at Dalhousie University. More than a million volumes and 40,000 journals are kept there. Particular libraries at the university are in charge of assisting particular departments. The Thomas McCulloch Museum in Nova Scotia is operated by the school’s biology department.

The university is one of the U15, a collection of 15 renowned Canadian research universities. Dalhousie University is regarded as the 15th best research university in Canada by Research Infosource. The university is renowned for its scientific and postdoctoral research. So much so that it topped The Scientist’s ranking of the top universities to work at.

Dalhousie University Acceptance Rate

Dalhousie University is in the top 2% of universities in the world in terms of academic performance. According to QS, the university is now ranked 279th in the world. It is in the 251-300 range globally, according to Times Higher Education. According to US News, it is 307th in the world. The institution’s medical program is ranked sixth in Canada by Maclean’s Graduate Survey. It was ranked 11th to 14th by the Times and US News National, while it was named 12th best in Canada by QS National.

With a 43% acceptance rate, Dalhousie University admissions are considered to be moderately tough. This indicates that about 43 out of every 100 candidates are accepted.

Dalhousie University Ranking

In recent years, Dalhousie University has maintained its ranking as one of Canada’s top 20 universities, and it has no intention of doing so. It is commonly known that Dalhousie University consistently ranks in the top 5% of universities worldwide. The three most popular academic offerings at Dalhousie University are “Arts and Humanities,” “Life Sciences and Medicine,” and “Natural Science.”

With a position among the top 400 universities in the world, Dalhousie University is highly known for its superior educational standards.

Dalhousie University Tuition

One university that divides its academic year into semesters is Dalhousie University. A Dalhousie University master’s degree will cost you about 7,000 USD each year, while a year of bachelor’s study would cost you about 7,000 USD. The institution offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for students. You must go to the university website in order to learn more about tuition for a specific faculty.

General Admission

There is an upper age limit for undergraduate programs at Dalhousie University. Before and unless the admissions committee of the relevant faculty or school provides a special recommendation, no applicant under the age of 16 (at the time of application) is taken into consideration for admission.

With a minimum criterion of 70% in the top five grades in Grade 12 and 70% in fundamental English, grades 10, 11, and 12 are taken into consideration. Other than that, eligibility criteria will change based on the course and major. Additionally, one of the following English proficiency exams is required: TOEFL, iBT, IELTS, Duolingo (DET), PTE, C1, or CAEL.

For the 2020–2021 application period, standardized test results from the ACT or SAT are not necessary. However, it is suggested for students to submit their test results.

The GPA requirements for graduate degrees vary by department.

A four-year bachelor’s degree in any field from a college or institution recognized by Dalhousie is required for admission to the Corporate Residency MBA Program. A 3.0 GPA is also required (B average). Because the curriculum is specifically created for working executives, work experience is preferred.

The following paperwork must be submitted by candidates for the Corporate Residency MBA Program:

  • Transcripts of academic work
  • Report on the results of the English proficiency test
  • Report on AP scores
  • Reports on SAT or ACT scores
  • Recommendation Letters (LORs)
  • Essays
  • Financial records
  • If applicable, a fee waiver form
  • Resume/CV
  • Motivational Letter/Letter of Intent
  • Two to three letters of recommendation

Dalhousie Dental School

The Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry is renowned both domestically and abroad for its top-notch research and top-notch oral health instruction. The Faculty of Dentistry boasts a vibrant and diversified research environment, with strong individual research programs and active, collaborative research teams.

On Dalhousie’s Carleton Campus, in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Faculty of Dentistry has a long history and a reputation for quality. The Dalhousie faculty of dentistry is enthusiastic about training dental professionals because it is the only dental school in Atlantic Canada.

The faculty’s diploma, undergraduate, and graduate dental programs give students a solid foundation on which to build fulfilling careers in the demanding yet caring field of dentistry.

Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

Some of Canada’s most cutting-edge medical and research education programs are offered at the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine. The MD program, graduate studies, residency training, and continuing professional development programs are all taught by faculty using the most contemporary evidence-based educational practices.

In the Maritimes and beyond, the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine is home to a robust, creative, and cooperative research community that is enhancing people’s health.


We can infer that Dalhousie University is somewhat selective, with a 43 percent acceptance rate. However, as Dalhousie University is welcoming to international students, this shouldn’t deter them from applying for admission.

We really hope you found this article on Dalhousie University’s admission rate to be useful. For further information, you can always check out the Dalhousie University website.





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