Confused Sexuality

Hey guys, so someone sent this to us please read and contribute in anyway you can using the comment section.

Hey Blizter
Please keep me anonymous, I’m 25 year old and living comfortably in sense that I have a job and I live alone in my own apartment, but I’m having a lot of problem in my love Life, I don’t know if it’s my love life or the problem is with me.
I’ve not been in a relationship for more than 2months, I’m more attracted to guys but I really don’t want anything to do with them (sexually)
I don’t know what to call this, am I in self-denial that I’m gay or I’m running mad, please help me. I’ll be reading comments.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Hey..I’d advice you pray against it…the fact that you want nothing to do with them shows that you’re not gay…no you’re not in self denial…I have been in your shoes before..I’m female by the way…Your thoughts drive your attitude’s or actions…So stop habouring the thought that you might be gay…No one is born gay..Being gay is a choice.

  2. It’s okay. It might be a phase that’ll pass. And if it’s permanent, you don’t have to be in denial. Even if coming out is not a good idea, there are a lot of gay guys out there too. Just hope it’s a phase that’ll pass

  3. I think you should see a therapist

    All of these is in your brain anyway, you just need help in banishing those thoughts
    Trust me, you don’t want to be gay while hating who or what you are
    And you also don’t want to get married to a lady and still be attracted to men
    You’ll be fine tho

  4. Can u get urself distracted from that thought?
    Don’t think about that stuff again!
    Make more than enough moves with girls, move more closer to girls.
    I suggest.
    But I have a question, when you are with girls how do u feel?

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