Best Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money


The wealth inequality between the older generation and the younger one, pitches one against  the other. The fact that the life  of the older one is ending while of the younger has just begun, also creates tension. The rich hate to fade, either in health or in relevance . They envy our youth, health and the time in our hands. But connections , wealth, experience and power is in their hands. How is all this connected  to sugar daddy apps that send money?  I will tell you.

Here is the point, in our struggle to get from the other, what we have run out of or not yet accumulated, a relationship is forged between the young and the old and as in the case between a younger beautiful girl  and an older wealthier  man, it is called sugar dating or sugaring . if you want to use dating apps, is it not better to use sugar daddy apps that send money.

This is meant to be a give-and-take relationship with each person using what they have to get what they want. The older man enjoys the warmth and youthful body of the young while the girl enjoys the wealth and power of the older man. The relationship almost always involves money and sex. It’s more or less like the older man paying for the gift of youth and what it represents. 

Benefits From A Sugar Daddy Relationship

In this mutually beneficial relationship there are many benefits that accrue to both parties . It is this reason why people  go into it in the first place. Some of the benefits for the girl include ;

1. Access 

Some of the men who are sugar daddies are powerful and well placed in the society . It seems that the more power a man acquires the more he reaches out to grab everything good- beautiful women inclusive. Sugar dating makes it possible for a young woman with no social asset except her beauty, to have unfettered access to those who call the shots. Without question this leads to so many other benefits as she can do business with this access as many will seek to Influence the man through her. The more powerful the man is the better. 

2. Money

You  can’t be connected  to the wealthy and not be wealthy . A girl dating a billionaire is automatically elevated to his status. She flies first class or in private jets . She dines in fine restaurants and sleep in five star hotels. Most of the young women living lavish extravagant lifestyles are bankrolled by their wealthy sugar daddies.  They live in exclusive neighborhoods and live a life of pleasure, vanity  and glamour. It is like the reign of a beauty  queen- short and meteoric. He showers her with gifts-gold and diamonds depending on his level of wealth.

3. Contacts 

Powerful people have powerful friends and the pet girlfriend of such a man often meet his rich friends. This puts the girl in the circle of who-is-who. The parties she attends are lavish and star-studded. Many girls have gone on to land opportunities  leveraging on the platform that the status of their sugar daddy to raise themselves out of poverty.

Free Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money

Due to the hard economic times all over the world, a lot of younger women actively look out for a sugar daddy. The instant connection  to wealth and power to solve most of their  financial needs is alluring and sometimes overpowering. The men too are in search of fresh blood to pass their retirement age with. The feeling is mutual . Each of the parties know they using the other. The blame is often on the times. Morals are loose, employment is hard, everyone is busy surviving and has no time to spare to ask about what you do to survive. there actually few sugar daddy apps that send money. I will tell you about those that do.

Many people don’t subscribe to the normal dating service. There is some form of power to having a subservient young female and protection in having a fatherly  male as boyfriend. This why free sugar daddy apps exist,  to connect the two parties. Below is a list of the top sugar daddy  dating  apps.


This site permits sugar babies to receive money  from sugar daddies without a physical meeting. On the platform  you must choose either to be a sugar daddy or a brat. The registration form has about 18 fields needed for signup. It is a public site and your details are all public.


  1. You can receive money
  2. Coins are cheap
  3. many users


  1. The details are public 
  2. Its not upscale 


This is the best and oldest website for finding sugar daddies. It is also by far the most trusted for the purpose . It is a strong name and check all the boxes for a sugar daddy site. Sugardaddy is not created the same like many others and that is it charm. For one, the payment is not recurrent.


  1. Attention to security 

2. Professional 

3. Good customer service 


  1. No monthly membership 
  2. No wealth verification 
  3. Only available in 4 countries 


 This is an upscale, no nonsense dating site that is curated to cater for rich clients. Its suave and mean serious business.this site is trusted by clients who are up to two million, mostly sugar babies. It is unlike many dating sites  in a lot of ways


  1. certification process 
  2. Winks are  free
  3. Its free for sugar babies 


  1. The certification process is difficult 
  2. The price for subscription is high

Seeking Arrangement

This is the largest sugar daddy apps. It has massive followers-hip and it is a paid service 

Year founded in 2006 

Founder; CEO Wade Brandon. 

The site is also called seeking and has a policy that welcomes al. it is for sugar daddies , sugar moma and sugar baby. The site can be accessed  in 10 languages in 139 countries . Sugar babies join free of charge. daddies have a free trial period after which they will have to pay for membership.


  1. High sugar babies to daddies ratio
  2. Its easier  to see matches in your area
  3. there’s a free trial period 


1. It is highly  priced

How To Get A Sugar daddy

Sugering or sugar dating are terms used to refer to the relationship between a young woman and an older man for the purpose of financial benefits.

Being in such a relationship has the end goal of obtaining money and other favors . The older person also get pleasure , companionship and a happy ending .

There are some things  you can do to easily get money off your sugar daddy.

Choose Carefully 

First you should know where to get a sugar daddy. You can’t get much from a pauper so make sure your sugar daddy is really rich.

Truly Be His Baby

To get anything from a man you have to please  him. To tickle his fancy and hold his attention. Once you understand that expectation of your. Daddy, meet them. Give him what he wants and suck him in. Make him addicted to you and you can get off him anything.

Be Honest 

In every  relationship trust is important. Make your daddy to confide in you. Be so open to him that he can let his guards down. Be his friend above all else and he will reciprocate  by making you happy. Men are sometimes like babies . fulfill his desires and he will bring  you the moon.

To be a sugar daddy you must have money and ready to spend it on your sugar baby. You pay the bills and perhaps an allowance. You must ensure that your sugar baby is pampered and spoilt. you can learn more about dating sites that work.


A sugar daddy and sugar baby are adults who get into a relationship despite their differences , for specific benefits. The older man takes care of the girl and in return get companionship and other benefits.

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