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[Article] Some Computer & Internet Abbreviations That You Should Know

We have gone over these things a few times, either when utilizing our PCs, or even cell phones, and we may very well think they are there, and fill a need, however, we don’t generally know the importance.

I went for a test a year ago, and to my most noteworthy astonishment, these things were asked in the inquiries. ThankGod, I wasn’t lost, as I was already aware of a couple of them. They are PC contractions and abbreviations whose significance I’ve gone into finding, and I’ve brought down here for you to think about, as well.

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Hypertext Transfer Protocol

2. URL

Uniform Resource Locator

3. LTE

Long Term Evolution

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4. SMS

Short Message Service

5. GIF

Graphics Interchange Format

6. GPS

Global Positioning System

7. Cc/Bcc

Carbon Copy/Blind Carbon Copy

8. SSL

Secure Sockets Layer

9. LCD

Liquid Crystal Display

10. HDMI

High-Definition Multimedia Interface

11. SD Card

Secure Digital Card

12. DSL

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Digital Subscriber Line

These are a couple of them. I Know You didn’t know what those words meant till today if I am right, please share to your friends so they can know what these words stand for. Thank You for reading

More are coming in your direction.

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